About Us

Why ENRGi?

At ENRGi, there are endless options to “CHOOSE YOUR FIT!”. With over 100 group classes per week, CHOOSE the format, CHOOSE the level of intensity, and regularly change the variety. We are a one-stop-spot to keep workouts fresh, ENRGized and results driven.

Healthy Motivation & Community: Our environment offers friendly smiles, instructor encouragement, camaraderie amongst 20+ classmates, and a very positive atmosphere.

Supportive Accountability:  Our front desk staff greets our members by first name and our instructors regularly interact with members before and after classes.  Before classes begin, instructors often have to tell members to quiet down because they are busy chatting with one another before they workout.  It’s amazing!

Well Developed Structure:  Each class has a specific format that regularly changes, is well planned, includes proper form & individualized instruction, and offers various levels of difficulty for all fitness levels to succeed.

Invigorating Fun: Our clients like to sweat!  And they also like to smile.  Both of these ingredients combined lead to a higher intensity workout and amazing results.