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About ENRGi and Our Facilities


How is ENRGi different from other gyms and fitness places?
ENRGi is more than just a swipe-your-card gym.  We focus on our members’ needs and wants, form relationships with all members, and value feedback immensely. Feedback is the key ingredient to our success.  ENRGi Instructors give multiple levels for each exercise to meet your fitness goals.  Just show up and our amazing team will wow you!  Hands down the best Group Fitness Studio in Chicago!

What if I have not worked out in a year and am not in shape?
Join us anyway! Most of our classes are designed for ALL fitness levels. We give options for beginners to advanced levels in our classes. We encourage you to come, even if you have never worked out before.  IMPORTANT:  If you have an injury or condition that needs special modifications, please arrive early and let your instructor know before class begins.  

Do I have to work out for a full hour?
That is completely up to you.  You can work out for 30 minutes or a full hour.  If we are not busy, you can stay as long as you’d like, though we do not recommend working out for more than 90 minutes.  Even though we have options to keep you moving all day long, we do not want you to overexert yourself.

Are all of your instructors certified in their field of expertise?
OF COURSE AND MOST DEFINITELY! ALL of our team members are certified and/or licensed as personal trainers, fitness instructors, yoga instructors and/or specialty formats.  Click HERE to read a bio about each staff member.  You can also check us out on Yelp – we have amazing reviews!




Where is ENRGi located?
ENRGi is located at 215 West Ohio, Chicago, IL 60654.  We are located between Wells and Franklin Streets. Press the SILVER doorbell at the main entrance of the building and we’ll buzz you in.

Is there parking at ENRGi?
Monday-Friday after 5pm and Saturday during our operational hours you can park at the lot across the street at Ohio and Franklin for a flat rate of $5 CASH ONLY.  It is easiest to access this lot on the Franklin side.  When you receive your ticket, just bring it with you to the ENRGi front desk to get validated and you’ll pay only $5 upon exiting the lot. If you’re there right at 5pm, you may have to block someone in and leave your keys with the parking attendant.  After 5:30 it is easy in, easy out.

How do I get to ENRGi via public transportation?
Train: Brown Line (Merchandise Mart); Walk north on Wells then make a left on Ohio.  Bus: LaSalle #156 CTA Bus (Ontario and LaSalle); Walk one block south to Ohio, turn right, walk past Wells.  We’re on the left side of the street.

Do you have showers and/or lockers?
Yes and Yes.  We have men’s and women’s showers as well as a locker room.  Please bring a lock to secure your belongings as ENRGi is not responsible for any items lost or stolen.  Your lock will be cut if you leave your belongings overnight.  Bags and personal belongings are NOT allowed downstairs or in the studios.  All bags, purses, backpacks, etc. must be stored in a locker. We have many small lockers for storage in the locker rooms and medium lockers for larger items in the common area. Water bottles and VERY SMALL personal items are allowed downstairs, including keys, wallets and phones, though we highly encourage you to just lock up everything and only bring a water bottle into the studio with you.

Do you have shower or sweat towels?
Yes! Sweat and shower sized towels are available for rent at NO CHARGE!

Do I need to bring water or can I fill up my water bottle when I arrive?
We have ​a filtered water fountain where you can fill up your water bottle.  If you forget to bring water, we sell bottles of water.



Class Reservations

How early do I need to arrive before a class?
Please arrive at least 5 minutes beforehand. If you are dropping in for a class for the first time, please arrive 10 minutes prior to your class.

What happens if I am added to a waitlist?

  • If you are added to a waitlist, you will receive an email that you got into class IF you are opted-IN to our email system. If you are not receiving these emails, you can opt-IN under your account. Otherwise you can call or email us.
  • If you do not get into class, you will not be notified. 
  • Our system will add people into class up to 2 hours before class starts, including early morning classes. 
  • If 2 hours is not enough time for you, we highly recommend you log into your account and remove yourself from the waitlist to avoid late cancel or no show fees (see below). 
  • Our waitlists are locked 2 hours before classes begin. If you are still on a waitlist less than 2 hours before class, there may be room for you if others late cancel. Simply give us a call at (312) 846-6989 and if there’s room, we will add you to class. Remember, once you’re added, late cancel and no show fees apply (see below).
  • If your not added to class from a waitlist but you’re flexible with your workout, just show up. Since we have 4 studios, we often have several classes to choose from. It’s likely we will have room in one of our classes, especially weekday evenings after 530PM and weekends. 

What is the class cancellation policy?
To most efficiently manage capacities and make sure clients can get into their favorite classes, we are strictly enforcing a Late Cancel & No Show Policy effective October 1, 2015:

  • Early Cancel: An Early Cancel is any cancellation that occurs more than 2 hours prior to the start of your class. There is no charge for an Early Cancel.  
  • Late Cancel: A Late Cancel is any cancellation that occurs less than 2 hours prior to the start of your class. If you Late Cancel, you will be charged $5. This applies to unlimited packages, unlimited memberships and workout challenge memberships. All drop-ins and drop-in memberships (5x & 12x) will lose one class per Late Cancel in lieu of being charged. Canceling can easily be done online under your account information or in our ENRGi app.  **If you are signed up for multiple classes, show up for one and cancel another, you will not be charged a Late Cancel fee as long as you notify the front desk at check-in.  
  • No Show: A No Show occurs if you do not cancel AND do not show up for your scheduled class. If you No Show, you will be charged $10. This applies to unlimited packages, unlimited memberships and workout challenge memberships. All drop-ins and drop-in memberships (5x & 12x) will lose one class per No Show in lieu of being charged. Canceling can easily be done online under your account information or in our ENRGi app.
  • RECOVERi Club:  Since our RECOVERi Club is closely monitored by our front desk, we do not charge Late Cancel & No Show fees for RECOVERi sessions.  If you Late Cancel or No Show more than 3 times, we will revoke your RECOVERi Club membership.  

Do I need to make a reservation for class(es)?
Yes!  We have options all day long to work out, but we want to make sure we do not book our classes over capacity. We STRONGLY encourage you to make a reservation beforehand to make sure you can ​attend your preferred class(es).  You CAN just show up, but if we are full then you will be unable to work out.

How do I make a reservation for class(es)?
To register and reserve your space for a class, simply go to our website,, click Reservations, and reserve a space for the time and class or program of your choice.  At this point you will be prompted to create a username, password, and profile. Once you click “Make a Reservation,” click “Sign Up”.  If you are a member, you will be signed into the class.  If you do not have a membership or series, you will be prompted to make a payment.  An email confirmation and reminder will be sent to you before your scheduled reservation.  We also have an app available on both iphone and android!

How early in advance can I make a reservation for class(es)?
Reservations open at 6AM, 7 days in advance.

Can I just come workout on my own?
We do have a few “Open Cardio” times, available to members only.  When other classes aren’t using the upstairs workout area, you can come in and use our treadmills, air bikes, rowers, and/or ski ergs. To see when our facility is not in use, please see our schedule.

Why is there is no button to make a reservation for class(es)?
Most likely you are looking too far in advance.  As mentioned above, reservations open at 6AM, 7 days in advance.

Can I make a reservation for class(es) last minute?
As long as there is room, absolutely!

What do I do if I try to make a reservation and the class is listed as full?
If reservations are full, you can still reserve a space and be put on a wait list after making your reservation.   You will receive an email confirmation once a space opens.




What is the RECOVERi Club?
In August 2015, we converted a portion of our lobby into a RECOVERi Club.  A place where you can sit back, relax, and let the Recovery Technology do the work pre or post workout. The best part?  It’s included in all auto-pay memberships! ENRGi members can partake in unlimited RECOVERi sessions each month.  We have Full Leg Boots and Full Coverage Hip technology available at ENRGi.

What is Recovery Technology?
Recovery Technology uses compression to help speed recovery. After putting on the equipment, the Recovery System compresses, pulses and massages to help increase circulation​ & mobility​, and relieves muscle swelling and soreness. Working out at ENRGi is a 3-step process:  workout. recover. repeat.  

If I purchase a Class Drop-In, can I use the RECOVERi Club?
A single class drop-in does not include a RECOVERi session.  The RECOVERi Club is exclusively for our auto-pay members although there are limited times that you can purchase a 45-minute RECOVERi drop-in.  Click “Reservations” then “RECOVERi Club” to view the days and times you can purchase a RECOVERi drop-in.

What is the class cancellation policy?
Since our RECOVERi Club is closely monitored by our front desk, we do not charge Late Cancel & No Show fees for RECOVERi sessions. If you Late Cancel or No Show more than 3 times, we will revoke your RECOVERi Club membership.




What are the different membership and pricing options?
Click HERE for everything you need to know about our membership and pricing options.

Do you have month-to-month memberships?
Yes, we understand that not everyone can commit to a full year, so we do have monthly memberships with a minimum commitment of only two months.  However, please be aware that this membership is still set up to autopay, so if you’d like to stop your membership, please notify us in writing at least 7 days before your next payment is due to provide time for processing.

I need a membership that will hold me accountable to workout. Do you have a membership for accountability?
YES!!! Our Workout Challenge is your answer! It is the most affordable membership we offer BUT you must workout 16 days/month OR you will be charged for each “under visit”. Therefore, this membership can be either your best friend or worst enemy.

Once I’m a member, is there a way I can bring my friends to workout with me?
Yes! Once you are a member, you’ll receive ​unlimited newbie passes for friends ​& family who’ve NEVER been to ENRGi. Ask the Front Desk or email us for this exclusive code!​​​ Your “newbie” can purchase​ 1 ​​pass​ under “First Time Offer” in our online store; it’s valid 7 days from the purchase date. NOTE: this will initially cost $25, however the code will adjust it to be only $5!!!

Do you have a membership referral program?
Yes! Once you’re a member, you’ll get account credit for every new member you refer! Email for more information.