About Us

ENRGi offers fitness & recovery based programming for all levels of fitness.  The ENRGi experience encompasses balance, which makes up 3 steps: workout. recover. repeat.

Our fitness variety includes over 100 classes/week including circuit, strength, boxing, barre, rowing, yoga, recovery, dance and more.  Our mission is to be Group Fitness Defined.

Before or after an ENRGi workout, our members regularly go to our RECOVERi Club and use Recovery Technology to rejuvenate their muscles. Recovery Technology compresses, pulses and massages to help increase circulation, mobility​ and relieve muscle soreness. To further promote the importance of recovery, our RECOVERi Club is included in all ENRGi memberships!

****Four Studios – 25 Class Formats – Small Group Training – RECOVERi Club – Levels for Everyone****