ENRGi Fitness began in April 2009 as outdoor bootcamps under the name “TEAMiFIT”.  After running our first online deal, we went from 20 to 500 clients overnight.  As a result, we opened our indoor location in late September 2009.  The space was small, composed of a a lobby, two workout studios, and two single bathrooms.

After reaching capacity within one year, we added on two more studios and constructed two locker rooms with showers.  Five years later, grew to the point that we needed to relocate.  February 2014 we moved into a 4 studio, 8,500 square foot facility located in the heart of River North!

Not only do we have the largest variety of classes in Chicago in one location, but also tailor the classes for all levels of fitness.  Levels 1-3+ of progression are given for EACH exercise so beginners to athletes can feel challenged in the same class.  We offer many 30 minute classes if you’re a beginner, have limited time and/or want to mix and match different formats.  We also offer many 45 and 60 minute classes.

Our nationally certified instructors are unique and creative individuals who are devoted to helping our clients meet their goals.  They love working at ENRGi and on average have been with us for at least 2.5 years.

Our equipment includes, but is not limited to:  rowers, treadmills, ski ergs, battle ropes, slam balls, weights, barbells, bands, kettlebells, burn machines, plyo boxes, monkey bars, climbing ropes, tires, boxing bags, gloves, & mitts, foam rollers, stretch bands, and etc.  We constantly grow our stock of equipment to regularly change things up.

Chicago Runs on ENRGi!