33 benefits of fitness

Each of us has known since childhood that exercise is a terribly useful thing. If someone wakes us up in the middle of the night and makes us answer this question – we will certainly answer, “Yes, of course, doing gymnastics, running, swimming – much better than sitting in front of the TV. But if anyone should suddenly think to ask the following question, “Why is it so important to exercise?” Chances are, we’ll be discouraged and can only make a general argument like, “It’s good for your health.”

Is fitness really that important? Maybe it’s just one of the myths of our time? In fact, we certainly don’t think so. Take a look at the shelves of bookstores-not a single volume standing there is dedicated to sports and the benefits that come from exercising. Every sporting discipline, every set of exercises deserves close attention. You probably read or hear about the benefits of exercise almost every day. It’s time to systematize this disparate information and bring it together in one short article. Just so you can navigate the issue and decide for yourself which particular benefits of a healthy lifestyle are especially valuable to you.33 benefits of fitness

After all, every exercise is good in its own time, each designed for something different. The main thing you should remember is that the reasons why you personally exercise can’t be “good” or “bad.” In fact, the reasons don’t matter at all. You do not need to “justify” to others, telling them why you prefer rowing or, conversely, Nordic walking, whether you decided to lose weight or just do not want to “fall behind the fashion” – no one has the right to judge you. And you do it for yourself. For your own good. The only thing that matters is the actual fact of your exercise.

Take a look at the (probably incomplete) list of benefits that come with a healthy lifestyle. Maybe even just listing the virtues of fitness will inspire you. If you find at least one item that will encourage you to join the ranks of athletic, fit, energetic people, you already have a good reason to start exercising and pave the way to your own health.

The heart is the “engine” by which our body functions. Our blood vessels are our “pipeline,” carrying blood from our heart to every remote corner of our body. How do they benefit from fitness?

1. Regular exercise can help you lose excess weight, particularly fat (the strain on your heart will be reduced.)

2. Your body will “learn” to raise your blood oxygen levels to a maximum, consequently, all of your internal organs will receive much more oxygen. This will have a positive effect on their function and resistance to disease. The walls of blood vessels become more elastic.

3. Your resting heart rate will decrease because your heart will be able to pump more blood into your body per single beat. Consequently, when you’re resting, your heart won’t be working unnecessarily hard either.

4. Your blood pressure will go down or not change uncontrollably. This is especially important for hypertensive people.

5. Your mass ratio will go down. This is the ratio of body weight in kilograms to height in meters. The higher this ratio, the lower your physical health and longevity.

6. Your cholesterol levels will go down.

7. The level of fatty acids in the blood will decrease.

8. Improve immunity.

9. Basically, the risk of heart disease will decrease.

10. Insulin sensitivity will increase, preventing the development of diabetes.

11. if you have to run or climb stairs quickly, your heart will not become overstrained. There will be less chance of a heart attack.

Our body is a unique system, which should be kept in working order, to make sure that it is in order. What does fitness have to offer in the area of slowing down the aging of the body?

1. Regular exercise will increase your muscle strength.

2. Your ability to work long hours will increase.

3. Your bones will become richer in minerals, which will prevent osteoporosis.

4. Your stamina will increase.

5. Increased metabolism will reduce the risk of obesity.

6. Your body will become less prone to physical injury and damage.

7. Joint problems will be eliminated.

8. As a strong and healthy person, you will be able to lead the most independent lifestyle possible.

9. Your vestibular system and coordination will improve.

10. Your risk of colon cancer will decrease.

11. Your risk of breast cancer will decrease.

And finally, last but not the least in importance, is mental balance and mental health. A good mood – the key to victory, a fighting spirit – half the success. How does fitness help?

1. Regular physical activity will reduce your anxiety level.

2. You’ll be able to avoid stress more effectively.

3. Your confidence and peace of mind will increase.

4. Possible depressions will be much easier to tolerate.

5. Your appearance will be above all praise.

6. You will learn to relax quickly and deeply – therefore, you will be able to rest “in full force.

7. You will understand the pleasure of working in a team, as well as adequately assess your own strengths and your ability to fight and win.

8. If you used to smoke, it will be much easier for you to quit.

9. Migraine sufferers will get relief.

10 . Your sleep will improve, it will become deep and calm.

11 . your immune system will be in order.

As you can see, this is only a schematic description of the benefits of exercise. We do not doubt that each of you will have something to add to this list. Go ahead! Be healthy and have fun.

33 benefits of fitness

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