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My name is Amy Tailor. I was born into a normal family in Chicago. Since I was a child, thanks to my mother, who put the best in me, I was professionally involved in acrobatics, swimming and wrestling.

Childhood and youth

The result did not take long – at the age of 12, I was the son of such wonderful parents and entered the national team of my native country. When I became a pupil of the local school I won many times the European, national and foreign championships and I was awarded the title of Master of Sports.

In addition, I was also fond of breakdancing. Together with friends, I formed a dance team, which began with city performances and gradually reached the major events. So, I put in my biography Red Bull BC One Cypher, where he “broke through” the finals and was in the top 16.

After school I moved with my parents to another city where I, as a dancer, received a professional education, graduating from the state pedagogical university, majoring in “elementary school and English language teacher”, and later – postgraduate international tourism academy, specializing in “pedagogy”.

However, dancing continued to be my main interest. I took part in several dance contests and having noticed that I was falling behind the experience of my partners I applied to two dance schools at once which gave the start to my professional growth.

During my studies, I worked part-time in nightclubs in the evenings and did not get enough sleep, but at the same time, I realized that I was a workaholic and enjoyed my work.

After several years of performing in a dance group, I quit professional dance and opened a new page in my biography, devoting myself to a fitness and coaching career. At the same time, I was involved in a modern dance direction, now known as Street Jazz. This dance discipline attracted me by its combination of energy, mobility and plasticity. About my signature direction I can say this:

Street Jazz is a special philosophy of dance, where there are no assessments of technique or staging, but the feeling that you like to dance. Note that I like it, and the ability or not – is a secondary matter. The concept of Street Jazz is how you feel about contemporary music. It’s different: it can be lyrical, aggressive, smooth or harsh. The art is to develop the ability to hear your own body, feel the rhythm and learn to move in unison.


Having honed my skills, I realized that I wanted to train showbiz stars, but at first, I didn’t know how to make the desire come true. So I decided to turn to popular social networking sites and started sending proposals of cooperation to celebrities. The response did not come right away – I had to wait about six months. I, as an instructor, organized offsite and online training sessions, admitting in an interview in 2016:

Training methods are developed individually for each client: with some we do classical bodybuilding, with others – CrossFit, with others – circuit training. But mostly I focus on functional training and offer my clients to stick to five meals a day.

In 2018, I launched the Coach in the House marathon. In two years, about 20,000 participants joined it, following special programs, eating right, and achieving their goals.

In 2019, together with a colleague, I launched a personal YouTube channel “Motivation Guide”, where I talked about the secrets of fitness, proper nutrition and joint workouts with celebrities. The name of the video blog was later changed to Coach in the House Marathon.

What’s going on in my life right now

Over the years, I have become a trendsetter in the fitness world. I often speak at significant events at fitness clubs in my city and abroad as a presenter and expert.

Now I am an expert and program coordinator for a network of clubs, a teacher at the Methodology Center for trainers and fitness instructors. I also create my training programs for fitness professionals, including the product Smart Fitness, which develops short and long term authoring methods.

In my interviews, I tell everyone, “The fitness training profession is in its heyday of popularity. Many sports clubs, gyms and sections are constantly opening in the country, where people of all ages and levels of fitness are training.

Fitness training can be very different, it is a very flexible system. Fitness trainer trains clients in a variety of methods. The main thing is that the mentee was interested in training and that after a certain period of time the result became noticeable. Most men and some women who come to the gym want to build muscle.

Therefore, there are two main methods of strength training:

  • With the use of additional loads. This is the work in the gym with barbells, dumbbells, special trainers. A fitness trainer should properly assess the form of the client and make an individual training program for him.
  • Using their weight. This method is based on different pull-ups, squats, push-ups and other exercises without additional weights. Such techniques are more in demand by women who want to improve their figure by pumping up their muscular corset. A striking example of this approach to exercise is looping classes.

There are also some interesting facts about me:

  • My dance idols are Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake and Bobby Newberry, from whom I’ve had two master classes in Los Angeles.
  • The main useful habit is the one that makes a person better. For myself it is positive reflection, with the help of which one finds out the reasons for one’s failures and works on eliminating them, getting rid of neurosis and guilt.
  • I can consider the most important thing in my profession to be sincerity, a desire to provide service and help to a client with heart, not to sell it, approaching the case only from a businessman’s point of view.
  • I do not like it when I am judged by an established “star” image, a figure of “celestial”, available only to a select few. In fact, I am always easygoing and available to clients.
  • Excessive loads more than once led me to the question of changing direction, but then I began to draw energy from the group training and returned to dance, which I consider my destiny.
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