BrutalForce Reviews: Legit Or A Scam?

Considering Brutal Force? Then, this is a must-read review for you! Almost all newbies in the gym are wondering: how can you quickly build muscle? The main thing is to strictly follow the plan: do not miss workouts, monitor the regimen and diet, exercise systematically, follow the coach’s recommendations. If you feel like these are not enough, you may try pre-workout formulas. One of them is BrutalForce. It’s a completely safe and effective product for building bulk muscles.

Before we start reviewing its supplements, let’s find out how to gain muscle mass safely.

How To Build Muscles Safely?

If you ask an experienced trainer how to gain muscle mass at home, without damaging your health, the answer will be one: start eating right. Increase the number of incoming calories. For some people, a 15% increase in calories is enough, others will have to increase the amount of calories by 1.5-2 times. Here are general tips for improving your diet:

  • Eat more protein. Focus on poultry, seafood, fish, nuts. It is important that the food consumed contains as little as possible trans fats (fast food, baked goods, everything that is made with margarine). But there should be more unsaturated fats. To do this, include olive, rapeseed, peanut oil in the diet.
  • Don’t forget about complex carbohydrates. Various cereals are perfect for lean muscles, from rice and buckwheat to corn and pearl barley. Add brown bread, pasta, vegetables to the diet (preferably without starch). Fruits are also needed by athletes, but only if they are low in sugar.
  • Always keep track of your calories. Better to create a table in which you write down how much you consume and spend every day.
  • Set a weight control mode. Every five days, you need to get on the scale and note the values. If your muscle mass grows by less than 700 grams, you need more calories. If it is significantly more than 700 grams, the calorie content should be reduced.

Even if you have already bought yourself sports nutrition for gaining weight and adjusted your diet, you cannot do without training and balanced loads. Here are some simple exercises to include in your workout:

  • Bench press. One of the favorite exercises of athletes, which exerts a load on the muscles of the chest and arms. It is performed simply: a person lies on a bench, legs are bent at the knees, feet rest on the floor. The lift is carried out from the chest, the initial position of the elbows is below body level.
  • Barbell Squat. To get a harmonious figure, you will have to swing your legs in any case. The squat is the simplest exercise for this. The bar is thrown over the shoulders, the legs are bent. It is important to monitor the correct position of the back. This helps to involve many muscle groups in the work, from the glutes to the pectoralis major.
  • Deadlift. Helps to use the most muscles in the athlete’s body. It is carried out simply: take the barbell in outstretched and slightly bent arms in front of you and begin to squat. It works especially well for the growth of back muscles.

To accelerate the muscle-grow process and enhance foregoing tips, use BrutalForce products!

Brutal Force: What Is It?

BrutalForce is one of the most reputable companies in the bodybuilding industry. All its supplements are designed for supporting muscle mass gain and weight loss. They are organic, safe to consume, and completely legal. In the article, we will take a closer look at cutting and bulking dietary aids, their effects, and stacks for purchase.

Formulas and Their Qualities

In general, BrutalForce offers 2 main categories of dietary products, either for lean or bulk muscles. All the mixtures provide slightly different effects, and use herbal components mainly. More details are down below!

Product Category Supplement Name Key Properties Main Components

Bulking products


The supplement boosts the production of the testicular hormone, promotes muscle mass growth, and enhances fat burning. ·       Trigonella foenum graecum

·       Red ginseng

·       Piper nigrur


The product increases the level of human growth hormone which, in turn, supports the healing process, muscle mass growth and recovery. ·       Mayflower

·       Buffalo beans

·       L-arginine


It accelerates fat burning, ensures lean muscles, and boosts stamina. Also, it increases the testosterone level. ·       Withania somnifera

·       L-leucine

·       Pfaffia paniculata extract


The mixture boosts stamina, gives the motivation to exercise regularly, and supports digestion. ·       Pithecolobium unguis-cati

·       beta sitosterol, and more


It improves the circulation of blood, provides tissues with enough oxygen, and promotes muscle recovery. It’s very good for extreme workouts. ·       Potency wood

·       Acetyl-l-carnitine

·       Bulbine powder

Cutting Aids


The formula makes muscles leaner and accelerates fat burning. ·       Soy protein

·       The powder of wild yam


It boosts stamina and ensures a lean figure. It’s recommended to be taken after bulking formulas as it enhances their effects. ·       Acetyl-l-carnitine

·       Wild yam

·       Choline


The product allows to build well-defined muscles. Besides, it reduces fatigue and elevates energy. ·       Garcinia mangostana

·       Bitter orange

·       Griffonia simplicifolia

More supplements can be found on the official website.

Who’s Not Supposed To Take Brutal Force Products?

Surely enough, there are user categories that aren’t supposed to use BrutalForce aids. For instance, people under 18 years old can’t take the manufacturer’s muscle-grow supplements. Also, customers with severe allergies on potent components should refrain from using the products. At all events, it’s better to consult your attending physician before deciding on the BrutalForce production.

How To Consume?

According to the manufacturer’s instructions, you have to take bodybuilding products at least 30-40 minutes before training. They will give you a burst of energy to perform better. It’s not recommended to take more than 2 capsules. If you feel the effect isn’t satisfying consult your doctor about increasing the dosage.

Where To Order? What’s The Price For BrutalForce Products?

Brutal Force aids can be ordered through the manufacturer’s official web-page only. The manufacturer offers both separate supplement packages (about 55 dollars each) and 6 formula stacks that combine various products. The stacks are as follows:What’s The Price For BrutalForce Products?

Stack Name Included Products Stack Price
Brutal 1 bottle of CCut, A-/S-/D-/TBulk 164.97 dollars + shipping fees
Mass Stack 1 bottle of A-/S-/D-/H-/DEKABulk About 220 dollars + shipping fees
Beast 1 bottle of A-/C-/WINCut, T/-A-/D-/H-/DEKABULK + 2 bottles of SBULK $379.99 + shipping fees
Definition 1 package of A-/S-/ C-/T-/WINCut About 220 dollars + shipping fees
Sculpt Stack 1 package of WIN-/A-/CCut $129.99 + shipping fees
Select 1 package of ANDALEAN, OSTABULK, RADBULK 139.99 dollars + shipping fees

Consumers’ Thoughts on Weight-Gain Products

The brand is not the cheapest, and therefore, not very popular. But the quality of products from BrutalForce is always at its best. Recommend!

Raees Pineda, 40.

I ordered SBULK for promoting muscle mass growth and enhancing fat burning. The supplement has also increased my testosterone level. I started to perform better not only in the gym but also in the bedroom. 5 out of 5!

Antonio Guerrero, 33.

With Beast Stack, I have enough energy to work, carry out household duties, and exercise regularly. Within a month, I gained about 10 lbs of muscle mass and got rid of fat storage in the abdominal area. So far, I’m satisfied with the results.

Daniaal Barrera, 32.

All Brutal Force products really have the effect of testosterone boosters. After using them, the voice coarsens, muscles are harder, erections are firmer and more long-lasting. I feel more confident.

Abdur-Rahman Ochoa, 45.

The effect from Sbulk begins to appear around the 5th day of intake. To support testosterone synthesis, you can combine it with omega-3 and protein foods, and eat fewer sweets. In general, the supplement works.

Joni Schwartz, 36.

When I try to burn fat without losing muscle mass, I always order BrutalForce products. They help me to stay fit and energetic. Sculp stack, for instance, promotes fat burning and safe weight loss. Besides, it reduces food cravings. Would definitely recommend it to others!

Lennox Raymond, 39.

Beast Stack is just perfect for every possible purpose sportsmen may have. It offers supplements for various effects and allows building muscles effectively and safely. 5 out of 5!

Conall Mueller, 34.

To Sum Up

You can give your best in training, spend hours on lifting weights and hundreds of dollars on developing exercise programs, but without proper nutrition and dietary supplements, muscle mass will grow more slowly, the body will cope worse with stress, and health problems will arise. Brutal Force gives you an opportunity to avoid health complications and achieve the desired results faster.


The brand products provide various health-giving effects. They:

  • assist in growing muscle mass;
  • make the body more well-defined and leaner;
  • restore the energy level and boost stamina;
  • enhance the production of the testicular hormone;
  • reduce fatigue and improve mood;
  • promote fat burning;
  • may support digestion;
  • promote muscle recovery.
  1. All the Brutal Force supplements are organic, safe to consume, and completely legal.
  2. International shipping is available.
  3. The manufacturer provides a 100-day refund guarantee.


  • BrutalForce is an online brand. It doesn’t sell its supplement in land-based stores.
BrutalForce Reviews: Legit Or A Scam?

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