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Aquafitness or, as it is also called, aquaerobics is a new fashionable trend in sports. And indeed, this type of fitness is constantly gaining popularity. Today, the water aerobics section exists in almost every swimming pool.

Why should you pay attention to this sports direction?

1. One of the main advantages of this type of physical activity is that everyone can engage in it, in the truest sense of the word. Even those who are forced to sit in a wheelchair, or people who are obese, get a second life in the water: due to the fact that the water has a high density, it holds the body, and additional equipment (swimming boards, aquapalks, rubber shock absorbers) additionally contribute to this.

2. Another advantage of high water density is a reduction in the load on the joints and spine. Therefore, classes in water are recommended for low mobility of the joints (in water, the joints acquire greater mobility), with scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis (since a uniform load on the back muscles is formed) and other types of disorders of the musculoskeletal system. And you can not be afraid to “tear” the lower back (which we always fear when doing sports), because such a strong load on it will not be.

3. It’s no secret that water is very good for your health. But not only its use, but also being in it. Classes in the pool improve the condition of the skin (increasing its tone) and the activity of the cardiovascular system, the psychoemotional state of a person and normalize sleep.

For this water type of fitness, there are almost no contraindications, more precisely, classes in the pool are recommended for almost all groups of diseases and for prevention. But still, there are some nuances here.
For whom are aquafitness classes not recommended?

1. For people suffering from asthma (since the next attack of suffocation is likely to choke)

2. For people who are allergic to bleach (bleach is a very aggressive chemical reagent, so it is better to check with a specialist before practicing in the pool)

3. For those who have a tendency to convulsive seizures

4. Damage to the eardrum (as water with bleach can enter the middle ear cavity)

This sport is literally translated from English as power lifting. But in fact, this is not an exact definition. Powerlifting is also called power triathlon, as the athlete performs three types of exercises: bench press, barbell squats, and barbell deadlift. By the way, unlike bodybuilding, powerlifting involves lifting weights exclusively through power movements.


The main task of this area of fitness is the development of physical strength, and therefore athletes compete with each other in lifting heavier weights.

Since powerlifting is considered a heavy and traumatic sport, before you decide to take up this direction, be sure to familiarize yourself with the elements of equipment, which include:

1. A belt to support the lower back (when lifting gravity, a very large load falls on this part of our body)

2. Bandages on the knees and wrists (heavy weight has a direct effect on the knee joint, when squatting, as well as on the wrist, since the barbell is in the hands)

3. It is also worth paying attention to special clothing for powerlifting: a T-shirt for bench press, long socks, shields and leg warmers to protect the legs in traction, elastic tights, a jumpsuit for squatting, a jumpsuit for deadlift, and, of course, special shoes.

Power sports are gaining more and more popularity, especially among the male population. But it often happens that a beginner decides to enter powerlifting on their own, without a coach. But if the athlete’s joints and muscles are not prepared, then the risk of serious injury is very high. Therefore, if you decide to engage in this weightlifting sport, then you must definitely find a good coach.

Heavy weight is a huge burden on the intervertebral discs and joints, so powerlifting is contraindicated for those who have problems with the musculoskeletal system, as well as people with arthritis, arthrosis and hernia.

Powerlifting is not recommended for children and adolescents, as too much stress on the developing skeleton provokes irreversible curvature of the vertebral column.

But despite the fact that this type of heavy fitness is very traumatic, it also has its positive features:

Regular powerlifting exercises normalize sleep, appetite and immunity.

Proper exercise increases the endurance of the athlete, improves the activity of the cardiovascular system.

And, of course, do not forget about the opportunity to find a beautiful body. And although powerlifting, unlike bodybuilding, does not set itself the task of aesthetic beauty of the body, but thanks to intensive training, you can make your body muscular and fit.


Do you want to learn about the training that is used in the professional training of firefighters, law enforcement officers and law enforcement agencies, as well as people whose specialties require physical fitness?

Crossfit workouts are gaining more and more popularity among new types of fitness. Crossfit is a rather unusual sport.

For the first time this direction of fitness was created in the United States in 2000. Crossfit comes from two English words: cross – cross, cross, force and fit-short for fitness. It turns out that crossfit is a crossed intensive fitness.


In short, crossfit combines training with high intensity and constantly changing types of load, the basis of which consists of gymnastic elements, cardio training, exercises from weightlifting, powerlifting and bodybuilding, plyometrics and other types of fitness.!!

“And what is the result of regular training?” – you ask.

“The creation of a super-person who has developed strength, agility, endurance, and balance equally well,” the professionals will answer.

But, crossfit workouts exist in a milder version, they are used for training with the elderly, children.
The main characteristics of this sport:

Crossfit is a set of exercises that lasts 15-60 minutes, it combines several different types of loads that help to get involved in the work to a greater or lesser extent, each muscle group.

According to the method, it resembles a kind of circular training: all the exercises of the complex are repeated and the lesson is considered completed when the person completes the required number of circles.

Fitness experts believe that crossfit is the best choice for the development of general physical fitness. Although, when they say that strength training is used, some people get tense, especially girls.
Who is suitable for crossfit?

For beginners. Circular training is available to people who have never played sports before. It is ideal to contact an experienced instructor.

Those who like the spirit of competition. Crossfit is a team sport, and the support of friends nearby (especially moral) is sometimes very necessary.

For those who want to practice daily. Crossfit provides such an opportunity.

For fast and purposeful people. Some exercises need to be completed in a short period of time, which makes them interesting and exciting.


Do you love nature and fresh air? Don’t want to buy a subscription to a fitness club? Do you live near your friends and want to study together? Then the workout is what you need!
What is a workout?

Workout – this is street gymnastics, which until some time belonged to amateur types of fitness (today, even competitions are held on workout). During training, the athlete’s own body weight is most often used, and exercises are performed on bars and horizontal bars.


Some correlate the workout with the flight of a bird, because this is a free direction. Others respect the workout for its accessibility to everyone (and indeed, all you need is a playground with the simplest shells that can be found in almost every yard today). Whatever it is, workout is a great way to maintain your physical activity.

Workout is not recognized as a sports direction, but there are more and more supporters of this type of fitness. Moreover, fans of this sport hold competitions up to the international level, so you will definitely not be bored!

I think we can go straight to the pros and cons of this sport, since the concept and its history are quite uncomplicated.
Why is the workout gaining more and more popularity?
1. Complete independence

You do not need to think about what time the fitness club opens and closes. If you can’t sleep, you can safely go out into the yard and devote yourself to a healthy cause.

Rarely is a good fitness club located right next to the house, most often you need to use a car or public transport. For a workout, you just need to go out into the courtyard or into the neighboring park. By the way, in modern areas, many outdoor sports grounds are equipped with Swedish walls, bench presses and uneven bars – that is, everything you need to practice this sport.
2. Fresh air is good for you

It’s no secret that being outdoors is very healthy, especially if you work all day in the office.

Staying in the fresh air improves the functioning of the lungs, fills the blood with oxygen (this helps to improve the functioning of the brain) and strengthens the immune system.

What should you pay attention to?

1. Cold…cold…

One of the main problems of this sport is its seasonality. And although today you can easily find a special form to retain heat (for example, thermal underwear), but when the snow falls, it is unlikely to work out.

2. I carry everything with me

Of course, you can practice without additional equipment, but if you want to increase the load, then weights, dumbbells, etc. you will need to purchase it yourself.

3. Special shoes

Since most of the yard areas are covered with asphalt or concrete, when running or jumping exercises, a very large load falls on your joints, especially the knee. Therefore, it is necessary to buy shoes with a very good shock absorber.

Despite all the nuances, workout classes are effective, fun and affordable.


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