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A treadmill is a cardio workout machine that is accessible to everyone. Losing weight, keeping fit, increasing endurance, and improving your breathing rate are just some of the benefits you can get from regular treadmill workouts. Depending on your goal and how often you train, use one of the three training programs we offer. Each one was specially developed by professional fitness trainers.
Weight Loss Training Programs

A treadmill helps you burn calories better than any other fitness machine. Training that can be done on a treadmill involves all the muscles at the same time, and the body needs to use its energy reserves to meet this need. For 1 hour of training, about 600 calories are burned.

Here are 2 great exercises if losing weight is your main goal!

Program #1: for beginners

To get rid of extra pounds, you need to focus on classes with a slow, continuous rhythm. You will train for a long period of time with low intensity to activate the lipolysis process. What is lipolysis? This is the process of converting fat into energy for muscle work. Lipolysis is activated after 30-40 minutes of activity. Calorie consumption increases in proportion to the speed and distance traveled.


10 minutes: low-intensity warm-up
25 minutes: running at a constant speed
10 minutes: running at a slower speed to slowly bring your breathing back to normal

For best results, we recommend repeating this exercise 2 times a week and following a balanced diet.

For the beginner

Program #2: for the most effective result

If your athletic level is high, but there is not enough time, an interval training program is ideal for you. This method of intensive training is based on alternating fast and slow series. The goal is to get an intense load in a short period of time. 15 to 30 minutes of interval training is enough to start burning fat, and you will continue to burn calories even after you stop exercising.

3 programs:

4 minutes of fast running, then 2 minutes of slow running, 4 times repetition (total duration: 24 minutes).
1 minute of fast running, then 1 minute of slow running, repeat 10 times (total duration: 20 minutes).
30 seconds of fast running, followed by 1 minute of slow running, repeated 10 times (total duration: 15 minutes).

Please note-these are very intense, relatively difficult workouts. Thus, they are not aimed at beginners or those who doubt their health.
Training program to support your body tone

The treadmill can be used to train and strengthen the buttocks. The muscles trained in this way maintain tone, but not volume. In this program, we will change the angles of the treadmill. This workout will not be running, but walking. At each stage, try to overcome the load without leaning forward.

Program: active walking on an inclined treadmill

It is necessary to maintain a constant speed throughout the program. Adjust the speed to a comfortable level; if you are just starting, try starting at 4/5 km / h, if you are more experienced, try 6/7 km / h.Start your workout with a 5-minute warm-up and a 0% tilt.


2 minutes: slope 4%
2 minutes: slope 6%
2 minutes: slope 8%
3 minutes: slope 10%
2 minutes: slope 12%
3 minutes: slope 10%
2 minutes: slope 8%
2 minutes: slope 6%
2 minutes: slope 3%


To maximize the tonic effect, you can increase your workout by 20 minutes on a flat treadmill. The buttocks will already be tired from the previous exercise and will continue to work intensively. Ideally, you should train regularly and repeat this program 3-4 times a week.
Endurance Training Program

On the treadmill, you can give a useful load to the entire cardiovascular system. Running stimulates blood circulation, and also increases the efficiency of the heart. You will improve your stamina, improve your breathing, and become less tired. Interval training consists of intense alternating periods (at a given distance or a given time period) and recovery periods.

Program: interval training

Start your workout with a 5-minute warm-up and a 0% tilt. Then follow this training plan:

2 minutes at an angle of 0%
2 min. With a slope of 6%
2 min. With a slope of 8%
Recovery: 2 minutes with a slope of 0%

Do 2 to 3 sets depending on your fitness. This dynamic will help your body gradually increase endurance and gradually increase the duration of training.


Coach’s tips

Use appropriate sports equipment (sneakers and clothing).
After each session, do not forget to stretch and drink water.
Take a break between workouts to ensure a better recovery.
Use the heart rate sensor during your workout to monitor your heart rate more effectively.
Combine your workouts with a balanced diet.

Classes recovery

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