How we spend our free time, what we do on weekends, and how we plan our vacation directly affects our career and success in life. If you want to succeed, then you need to choose a way to spend your leisure time more carefully.

Fitness, as we know it today, was born in America in the 70s of the last century. But in fact, the history of fitness goes back several millennia. Even our ancient ancestors engaged in physical activity, though unconsciously: they ran, jumped, squatted, engaged in hunting or gathering.

In ancient civilizations, such as Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece, human health and physical development were of great importance, which are inextricably linked with fitness classes.

And today, fitness, as one of the areas of physical activity, has more than 50 different varieties: this includes water sports, such as water aerobics, gymnastics, weightlifting, bodybuilding and powerlifting, stretching, dancing, and even combat sports.


Among all the variety, you can choose not one, but several directions at once. For example, you can start your workout with strength training (workout, step aerobics), and then finish it with stretching (Pilates, stretching).

Often the question arises, what is the difference between fitness and sports? Indeed, these concepts are very similar to each other, but there is one very important difference between them: fitness is a healthy lifestyle aimed at achieving psychological, social, spiritual and physical health, and sports is a type of physical activity aimed at achieving the highest result in this discipline.
What are the benefits of fitness?

In a healthy body-a healthy mind! This expression can rightly be called the motto of fitness. Fitness is not only physical activity, fitness is a comprehensive approach that includes both various exercises and breathing exercises, and a special diet for the full development of the body.

If you have not yet run to buy a subscription to a fitness room or a mat for practicing at home, then we want to tell you about a few more reasons to drop laziness and start doing fitness:

1. Full of energy and energy

The main excuse why people do not engage in physical activity is “I’m too tired”. But in fact, this reason is a direct indication of fitness. The fact is that during sports, the neurotransmitter of pleasure – dopamine-is released in our body. Remember with what pleasure and a sense of cheerfulness you leave the fitness center, even though you are physically exhausted.
2. ” The sea is knee-deep for me, the mountains are shoulder-high for me…»

If you look at the list of the most successful businessmen and businesswomen in the world, you will see that most of them regularly engage in fitness. Statistics show that people who are engaged in physical activity are more collected and have much more time than other people. In addition, each new achievement (you have done more sets, you have mastered more weight) increases your self-confidence.
3. Useful acquaintances

Yes, yes, you heard right! As a rule, people who are purposeful and interested in their health go to fitness clubs. And even if you do not meet potential business partners and employers, you will definitely find good friends and friends!
4. Iron Will

Have you been dreaming of losing weight for a long time, but every time you break down? Is the ringing of the alarm delayed for 5, 10, or even 15 minutes? Are you always late and because of this you have problems at work? Then you definitely need fitness! We think every one of you has heard that sport builds character. And it’s really true! So instead of berating yourself and complaining about other people, try regular fitness therapy, and in your case, regularity is the most important

Fitness is the new fashion! Therefore, if you do not want to be left out, rather go to a specialized store for sports equipment and beautiful uniforms! By the way, in our online store you can find a lot of interesting things for yourself, we will be glad to see you!
Fitness and shaping

To date, there is another very interesting and even unusual sports direction – shaping, which arose in the late eighties of the last century thanks to the research of Soviet physiologists.

Fitness is the new fashion! Therefore, if you do not want to be left out, rather go to a specialized store for sports equipment and beautiful uniforms! By the way, in our online store you can find a lot of interesting things for yourself, we will be glad to see you!

Shaping differs from fitness mainly in its narrow focus: the main task of fitness is the uniform study of all muscle groups, and shaping is aimed at correcting individual problem areas of each individual person. Of course, if you want to quickly correct a separate “unattractive” zone, then shaping can be called more effective. But, still, fitness is probably more appropriate with regular classes.


In addition, shaping involves a fairly strict diet, in particular the consumption of a small amount of protein. Therefore, people who are engaged in shaping are not recommended to combine it with fitness.

In this article, we will tell you about the most popular types of fitness. Types of fitness differ in areas (strength fitness, stretching, dance types, etc.), so we will divide all the varieties into several tops (see below). We hope that this article will be useful and interesting to you!

So, are you ready to go on an exciting journey into the world of fitness? Then let’s go!

And we will start with the most popular types of fitness:

Our journey will take place according to all the rules of the sports world: first, a warm-up, and then directly power varieties of fitness.

Traditionally, the term “yoga” refers to a special set of exercises or, correctly speaking, asanas, combining physical, mental and spiritual practices aimed at achieving complete control over the soul and body.

Yoga, as the embodiment of the Knowledge of the Vedas, originated in India several thousand years ago. At first, Knowledge was transmitted orally, and then it acquired a written form (and so the Vedas appeared).


For the countries of the East, yoga is not just physical activity, it is even more correct to say that it is not so much physical activity, but more of a spiritual rebirth of a person. For Westerners, this interpretation of yoga was alien and incomprehensible.

And then in the 20s of the last century, a new sports direction appeared-fitness yoga. In modern Western yoga, everything is noticeably simplified, compared to the original source, but still, the benefits of yoga are still great.

However, it is worth noting that in fitness yoga, breathing practices have been preserved (that special system without which yoga simply could not exist), which, to a greater extent, determine the benefits of these classes.

“In the middle of the 20th century, scientists V. Reich, W. James, A. Lowen, D. Ebert revealed that the human psyche is displayed in the form of muscle clamps, joint-muscle contractures. And by influencing the physical body in a certain way, you can change the psychological and physiological state of a person.”


Yoga has become so popular that today there are more than 40 types of it, so you will definitely find something for yourself


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