Under terms specified in this agreement, executor undertakes to provide services to the client on the blog site, and the client undertakes to pay for these services, adhere to the terms of this agreement, Blog Rules and other internal (local) documents of executor regulating the order and conditions of visiting this blog site.

The list of services rendered to the client corresponds to this type of returned website photo. Services are rendered in accordance with these Rules of the blog and other internal (local) documents of an executor.

The customer shall pay the cost of these services under this agreement on the day of the conclusion of an agreement by a hundredfold payment.

Responsibility of Parties

For violation of obligations of this contract, these parties should be liable in accordance with this current legislation.

The Party which has violated the obligation should be exempted from liability for the violation of this obligation if it proves that the violation was caused by an uncontrollable force.

By signing an agreement, the client confirms that he has no medical contraindications to receive sports advice on the blog site and is fully responsible for his state of health.

The contractor should not be liable for damages caused to the customer’s health or property in case of violation of safety rules caused by the actions of third parties.

The contractor is not responsible for information that the client receives from other sites, links to which are on this blog.

Rights and obligations of these parties

The customer has the right to:

  • Receive services under the conditions and in the manner provided for in the agreement and the rules of this site, according to the type of agreement received;
  • Order additional services for a fee and exercise other rights in accordance with the rules of the site;
  • To change the type of subscription to the expensive card he needs, subject to the payment of the corresponding surcharge indicated by the executor;
  • To withdraw from the agreement and/or the services unilaterally by notifying the service provider in writing 10 (ten) calendar days in advance. In this case, this agreement should terminate on the date the payee receives such written notice and the subscription shall be cancelled. In this case, the funds paid by the customer in accordance with the terms and conditions of this agreement shall not be refunded.

Customer agrees to:

  • Pay for the services under this agreement on these terms and conditions set forth in the agreement, in the manner and according to the type of subscription returned by the customer;
  • Not to transfer the subscription to other persons for their use in online classes;
  • To visit the blog (https://enrgifitness.com/) within its operating hours specified in the Rules of the blog and in accordance with the type of returned subscription;
  • To comply with the terms of this Agreement, this rules of the site and other internal (local) documents of the executor, regulating the order and conditions of visiting the site;
  • The Member has no right to change the type of subscription, except in cases where it is a matter of increasing the type of subscription.

Dispute resolution

All disputes and disagreements arising in connection with the performance of this Agreement shall be resolved by these parties through negotiations. In case disputes and/or disagreements cannot be resolved through negotiations, they shall be resolved in court in accordance with the established jurisdiction of such dispute in accordance with applicable law. For more information on this topic, please visit https://enrgifitness.com/.

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