Fitness in the office

Taking care of us who work hard at computers, Olga Zaikina, using her own experience, directed all her efforts to develop a set of exercises that you can perform almost without leaving your workplace. Moreover, she threatens not to leave this topic and continue to develop such complexes. Already now you can choose the right complex for you or combine the exercises that are suitable for you. The latest novelty includes elements of breathing exercises: Bodyflex, Strelnikova, Shatalova.

Sometimes the new is the well-forgotten old. Once upon a time, many, many years ago, there was a mandatory industrial gymnastics. She was treated most often with laughter, and she remained in everyone’s memories somewhere among the communist subbotniks and the collection of waste paper.

Then there were American films about the life of businessmen and businesswomen, in which the words sounded: fitness club, step aerobics, shaping, stretching, simulators in the office and personal trainers flashed on the screens, and the main characters and heroines suddenly began to demonstrate the flexibility of their bodies, and not in sports films and not in bed scenes, but against the background of office scenery.

In Russia, a good American initiative was not picked up immediately. At first, the word “fitness” was associated exclusively with gyms and fitness clubs, then home fitness exercise complexes appeared, and only in the last two years office fitness began to actively develop.

In short, gymnastics” at working noon ” has returned.


Warming up at the workplace is what will save us from apathy, and our body from ossification.

Office fitness can be carried out once a day – let’s say you set aside 15-20 minutes for it in your work schedule.Fitness in the office

It is better to do this at noon or before lunch (but not immediately after the warm-up to go to the dining room!).

You can also go another way – to “insert” individual exercises into your work schedule. For example, if you are sitting at a computer, stretch your legs under the table. Others go out for a smoke – and you go out and walk along the corridor or go up and down the stairs a couple of times. Everyone left the room – get up and do a few bends and squats.

Limitations of office fitness

No intensive exercises – just a warm-up (you will not get into the shower soon!).
No sharp exercises and swings with a large amplitude (you are in business clothes).
But even such a limited warm-up will bring a lot of benefits.

Do not wear tight clothes and underwear that rubs. Choose shoes with a comfortable heel and pad. Uncomfortable shoes squeeze the blood vessels, disrupt the normal blood supply, deform the foot.

Let’s start with our legs, with our long-suffering legs, which especially do not like standing and sitting work and the need to stay in one place for a long time without moving. Standing and sitting work have a bad effect on blood circulation and, as a result, on the condition of the legs. Varicose veins (especially in women) are often associated with sitting and standing work.

For the legs, a simple load is good-walking. There was a minute-get up from the computer and walk along the corridor, you can walk quickly.

If you have to stay in one place for a long time, try to periodically shift from one foot to another. Get rid of the bad habit of sitting foot by foot.

Try “on the sly”, sitting at the computer, to do such exercises:

  • in the sitting position, “run” with your feet on the floor;
  • tap your heels on the floor for a minute or two. The meaning of this exercise is that you “disperse” the blood and lymph;
  • train your toes – try to take small objects with them from the floor – socks and tights are not a hindrance to this;
  • roll a cylindrical object with the sole of your foot, for example, a thick pencil;
  • “walk” in a sitting position on the outside of the foot, on the inside, on the heels and on the toes;
    make a small massage to the legs – light strokes, starting with the foot and the arch of the foot, climb up the calves to the knee, then several circular movements above the knee and along the thighs to the groin.

Do not overuse coffee – coffee dilates blood vessels. In offices, coffee, tea and sugar are most often available for free without restrictions. Use this freebie only for a limited time. Smoking slightly relieves stress and allows you to concentrate, and it is also a way of backstage communication… But smoking also dilates blood vessels and worsens blood circulation, especially in the lower extremities. I do not urge you to quit smoking, I know how difficult it is (although I have never smoked myself), and the harm from smoking is somewhat exaggerated, but still you can not abuse smoking.


Do not be sad if there are no funds for gyms and exercise equipment: you can also use home “improvised means” as exercise equipment and sports equipment: a table, a chair, a wardrobe, a threshold to the balcony, water bottles.

Continuing the theme of office fitness, we will find the available “simulators” in our offices and use them to improve the body.

Tables and cabinets are good for push-ups. However, once I was caught doing push-ups at my desk by the deputy director of the institute who came in at the wrong time – a silent scene. His eyes were like saucers. Therefore, it is better to do push-ups with locked doors or in the company of your own kind (i.e. those who want to have a good figure).

The chair can be used as a ballet machine. High-backed chairs are especially comfortable. Ballet exercises are elegant and elegant, so they can be done even in public-except for a compliment like “what-beautiful-legs” they will not tell you anything.

The same three-volume dictionary is needed to develop a beautiful gait: put the dictionary on your head (1-3 volumes) and walk around the room with it.

I also encourage you to use the terrain: often there are convenient corners, niches, steps, canopies, recesses in offices.

So look for (improvised office shells) and find (a good form).

Fitness in the office

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