Fitness is not scary!!!

Every woman strives to be irresistible. However, it so happens that most women are primarily interested in how their face looks like. A variety of cosmetics, creams, masks, plastic surgery – all aimed to ensure that the woman looked stunning. But things are much worse with the figure. Very many people bet on clothes, carefully disguise the flaws, sticking out, and even flaunting the advantages. That is, the better (more expensive, more fashionable) the outfit, the more effective the figure? No, no, and again no!

With age it becomes increasingly difficult to hide the blurred waist, slouching posture and long lost tone hips, buttocks and breasts.Fitness is not scary!!!

The owner of such merits no longer will walk confidently along the beach, dressed in a swimsuit, and before the intimacy with her beloved man will try as carefully as possible to disguise his mortal shell in intricate tights.

Sometimes ladies do not have the courage to eradicate evil from the root and properly take care of themselves.

Maybe because then they will have to do sports and go on a diet, and it – not easy. Or maybe because nice ladies are simply afraid to go to the fitness club. You’re usually afraid of what you don’t know.

I want to believe that, after reading this article, women will discard false fears and go for a hike for a beautiful figure and health.

What scares women the most:

I might get too muscular.

Unwarranted fears. Women aren’t designed by nature to be overly muscular. The hormone testosterone is mainly responsible for the development of muscles. So: in women’s bodies, it is produced forty times less than in men. So find a masculine contours of the beautiful half of humanity well do not threaten. And when a girl or woman just a couple of weeks after starting regular exercises at the gym begins to raise concerns about the fact that her biceps or back became huge, it is usually a consequence of the fact that women are much more attentive to the changes that happen to them than men. In fact, the muscles do increase a little in volume, but there’s nothing wrong with that. The main thing is that they become more elastic and toned.

I’m not going to have enough time

Women in our lives are much busier than men. And if the man, leaving work, knows that his workday is over, the woman they are, by contrast, in full swing: on the way home need to catch and run to the store, and dinner prepared, and much more. What is there to object? It has been noted that we often waste time in vain: hours sitting in front of the TV, babbling incomprehensibly about anything on the phone, and so on. An organized person usually has a lot more time, because it does not waste precious time in vain. Almost every woman can always find an extra half an hour or an hour to clean up before work. So really can not find the same (and not every day) on a fitness club or just a jog in the nearby park? Note that to torture yourself endless exercise is not necessary. Three classes a week forty minutes is quite enough to keep your body in great shape.

My husband might not like it.

Yes, he might. Another question: why? You see, often, after talking to a spouse for many years, tied to him, the other party fears to see him at all a change. The essence of fear is clear: today you sat on a diet, tomorrow you go to a fitness club, day after tomorrow you will be slim, as twenty years ago, find yourself someone younger and prettier, and – goodbye! In this situation it is necessary to gently convince her husband that what you are doing is right, that you love him and go to the gym largely for him and do not intend to go anywhere. Even better would be to get your spouse on your side and go to the fitness club together. This way you get rid of unnecessary jealousy, plus you will have one more thing in common.

I look too bad to work out in a public place.

I assure you that no matter what you look like, no one at the gym will make fun of you or point a finger at you, unless of course you’re a screen star. People come to fitness clubs to fix their looks, they don’t care about others. Of course, you have to look and be dressed appropriately for the situation. Let’s say it’s not customary to work out with makeup on. And then, if you have an excessively plump shape, it is unlikely to be beautiful if you pull on a tight tank top or leggings, it is better to prefer loose clothing.

If I stop exercising, my muscles will turn into fat.

The truth is, nothing turns into anything. And if it so happens that for some reason you have to stop working out, then you will return to the type of build that you had originally. That is, a skinny woman will lose weight and a fat woman will gain weight. Again, provided you don’t follow any diet.

I won’t have time to socialize with family and friends

In part, this has already been said above. If you don’t have much time, you have to choose: either buddies or sports. Moreover, girlfriends can also be involved in training. And you can also find new friends in the gym, and then the fitness club will become something like a club of interest to you.

I’ll have to starve for the rest of my life.

Understand: a diet and starvation – different things. You can eat almost nothing and stay full. On the other hand, vigorous exercise will “spin” your metabolism so that you will have to consume a pretty decent number of calories. The main thing is that these calories come from the “right” foods. All this does not mean that you will never eat cake or sausage again. Arrange yourself about once a week, discharge days, in which you can enjoy a “forbidden” food. I assure you that nothing bad will happen to you, if, of course, you “break off” within reasonable limits.

As you can see, there is nothing scary or at least suspicious about the above. And the sooner you realize that it’s time to take care of yourself, the better. Of course, do not count on the fact that barely crossed the threshold of the fitness club, you immediately magically transform. Miracles do not happen in the world. But the fact that in a few months you can radically improve your appearance and well-being – the truth. Good health and success to you!

Fitness is not scary!!!

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