Fitness for pregnant

Women Not so long ago, doctors recommended that expectant mothers move less. Today, such recommendations are outdated and are considered unfounded. Pregnancy, if it develops normally, is not at all a reason to give up physical activity. On the contrary, it only benefits expectant mothers. After all, performing safe exercises during pregnancy has absolutely no […]

Sex or fitness-what to do?

Sex and fitness are concepts that are somewhat close and in some way closely related. Meticulous scientists have been trying for decades to find out how physical activity affects a modern person living in an atmosphere of constant accidents at work, a “dirty” environment and poor nutrition. Experimentally, they found that sex is even more […]

The Evolution of Fitness

A little more than 20 years ago, when fitness was just coming into fashion, scientists and trainers had a strict approach to exercise and nutrition. It was believed that only prolonged exercise, limiting the number of calories consumed and completely avoiding “unhealthy” foods could get rid of excess weight and health problems forever. Today our […]

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