Floralite Reviews: Bacteria in the Fight Against Obesity

In order to lose those extra pounds without harm to health, several factors must be taken into account: nutrition, physical activity, and emotional balance. If a failure occurs in one of these areas, the body responds in the form of redness, metabolic problems, feelings of lethargy and apathy. The latter can be caused not only by external factors, but also by a violation of the microflora of the stomach. Floralite is meant to address such an issue as it contains several probiotic strains in the admixture.

Scientists from Laval University have found that probiotics promote weight loss. They conducted an experiment in which 125 women and men took part. The organizers divided them into two groups. All participants ate the same diet and exercised, but the first group took probiotics. After three months, those people showed the best results. Interestingly, women who took lactobacilli supplements lost weight faster than men. Scientists have suggested that this is due to the beneficial effect of bacteria on the genitourinary system in women.
In addition, probiotics help to better absorb vitamins, proteins, and trace elements. They also lower blood sugar and regulate insulin production. This means the body is more likely to convert calories into energy. All these effects are guaranteed with Floralite! Keep reading to know more!

Floralite: Key Details

Floralite is an all-organic dietary aid created for promoting healthy weight loss and supporting gut health. The supplement is made in the form of powder convenient for daily usage. The probiotic formula contains not only directly-fed bacteria but also a whole host of herbal components, vitamins and minerals. Altogether, there are about 60 ingredients used. All of them have been checked and proven to be effective against gastrointestinal problems and fat accumulation.

Who’s Supposed to Use the Supplement?

There is no age or gender limit according to which the use of probiotics is recommended. The relevance of good-for-you bacteria use is determined by the condition of your digestive system and weight. Even children above 5 years old can take probiotics with the approval of an attending physician.

Floralite Main Ingredients

Floralite is 100% organic. The formula doesn’t include any chemicals, stimulants, or addictive components. The supplement is GMO and pesticide-free.

As there are around 60 components used in the Floralite admixture, we have divided them into several categories.

Component Group

Key Properties

Antioxidative blend

It includes different kinds of mushrooms, vegetables, and herbs. All of them eliminate toxins and free radicals from the organism, reduce ox stress, and boost the healing process.

Nutritional ingredients

Such components provide the body with essential vitamins and minerals, support digestion, and enhance nutrient absorption.

Directly-fed bacteria

This category includes Lactobacillus rhamnosus, acidophilous lactic-fermentation bacteria (or lactobacillus acidophilus), Bifidobacterium longum, and Lactobacillus helveticus. All the strains are essential for a healthy digestive system. The probiotics help to better absorb vitamins, proteins and trace elements. They also lower blood sugar and regulate insulin production. Thus, the mentioned strains promote weight loss.

Enzymes for digestion

Enzymes are important for supporting bowel movements, addressing digestive issues, and enhancing digestion.

Where Can I Find the Probiotic Aid?

As of the time of writing, the supplement can be ordered through the official manufacturer’s website only. Floralite Reviews and buy nowFloralite is sold in three packaging variants:

  • 1 bottle – $69;
  • 3 bottles – $59 per unit;
  • 6 bottles – $49 a bottle.

The 1-bottle package is additionally charged about $9-10 for shipping. Other options are delivered across the country at zero cost. The producing company also offers a full refund guarantee that is good for 2 months.

How to Use Floralite?

Floralite is supposed to be taken in 1 scoop of a bacteria-containing powder on a daily basis. One bottle contains about 30 scoops (140 grams) and will last you approximately one month. Customers should take the weight loss promoting aid mixed with a glass of water (12oz, to be precise). There are no limitations regarding the time of intake.

Any Side Effects?

Floralite is absolutely safe for daily usage. The supplement has been tested by several third-party institutions. It doesn’t cause any adverse effects. Still, you are better to consult your doctor before taking the dietary product and ask about its interactions with other aids and medications (if you are taking any).

Customers’ Feedback on Floralite

I take probiotics almost constantly, with short interruptions, alternating strains. I use Floralite to detoxify the body and fight free radicals, which are known to contribute to the development of chronic diseases. I take it as the research scientists suggest – at night, so that the beneficial bacteria stay in the gastrointestinal tract longer and more effectively carry out their beneficial work. This supplement contains Lactobacillus Acidophilus, an important probiotic strain. Studies have shown that it maintains the integrity of the intestinal wall, promotes nutrient absorption and aids overall healthy digestion, reduces cramping, gas, stops occasional diarrhea, boosts immune function, maintains bladder health, and fights vaginal yeast infections. Recommend!

Jillian Wills, 34.

With Floralite, I’ve lost more than 15 pounds in a month! Still can’t believe it!

Mikayla Mahoney, 30.

After taking antibiotics, dysbiosis began: severe bloating, spasm, nausea, inflammatory acne on the face. On the 2nd day of Floralite intake, bloating, cramps, and nausea disappeared. Facial inflammation also decreased. Lightness appeared, my mood improved. I am planning to take the 6-month course. So far, I like the effects.

Amber Keeling, 33.

I am very pleased with the effect! During the epidemic, due to the intake of potent medications, a systemic malfunction of the gastrointestinal tract occurred. Buying probiotic preparations at the pharmacy, I came to the conclusion that the price for them is very high. On the advice of a friend, I ordered this supplement. Within 5 days, the work of the gastrointestinal tract was restored. Digestion has improved. Acne and psoriasis have disappeared as well. I am very satisfied!!

Catrina Tate, 40.

Due to severe stress, my immunity dropped and, as a result, tests by a gynecologist, urologist and gastroenterologist showed a complete absence of beneficial microflora and a large number of opportunistic bacteria and microorganisms. This caused very unpleasant inflammation in almost all mucous membranes. My gynecologist and gastroenterologist these probiotics. I took Floralite along with supplements for the urinary system, D-mannose, and cranberries. As a result, the tests became better, the healthy microflora appeared, and digestion was normalized. Will recommend the supplement to others!

Emmanuella Gibbs, 28.

Due to poor metabolism and bowel issues, I struggled to lose extra pounds. But thanks to Floralite, I managed to slim down a bit. Besides, I feel lighter, and bowel issues no longer bother me. 5 out of 5!

Zaydan Alston, 44.

I bought Floralite for the treatment and restoration of the gastrointestinal tract. I take it with other aids, it works just fine! It became clear that immunity begins with the intestines. In addition to proper nutrition, treatment and support of flora are also very important. Plus, with Floralite, I’ve even lost 10 extra pounds. Recommend!

Charly Currie, 47.

To Sum Up

The most common causes of fat accumulation and unhealthy gut are:

  • improper nutrition;
  • a long course of taking various medications – antibiotics and antiseptics;
  • medical or self-cleansing of the intestines, as a result of which not only harmful, but also valuable “good” microorganisms can be destroyed;
  • weakening of the immune system for various reasons;
  • excessive cleanliness and abuse of antibacterial cosmetics, which also destroy not only pathogenic, but also beneficial microorganisms;
  • hormonal disruptions;
  • drinking dirty, low-quality water;
  • abuse of energy drinks and strong coffee;
  • constant fatigue and lack of sleep;
  • unpleasant emotional experiences and stress.

All of that can’t be avoided, especially during the weigh-loss process. But Floralite can not only supports the gut microflora but also enhance fat burning.


  • Floralite enhances digestion and supports the absorption of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.
  • It lowers blood sugar and regulates insulin production (this means the body is more likely to convert calories into energy).
  • The product boosts metabolic activity.
  • It detoxifies the organism and reduces ox stress.
  • The dietary aid addresses bowel issues, epigastric burning, bloating, and other digestive problems.
  • Floralite is 100% organic. The formula doesn’t include any chemicals, stimulants, or addictive components.
  • The supplement is GMO and pesticide-free.
  • The dietary aid is sold in 3 packaging options.
  • The producing company offers a full refund guarantee that is good for 2 months.


  • The dietary product can be purchased online only.
  • It doesn’t guarantee immediate results.


Floralite Reviews: Bacteria in the Fight Against Obesity

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