Holiday Fit Tips


Auto-Pay Memberships — All memberships include unlimited RECOVERi sessions. There is no minimum commitment and you can cancel anytime by emailing us 14 days before your next scheduled auto-pay. No holds or suspensions. Educators, Seniors & Military receive $15 off per month any auto-pay membership with proof of identification. First Time — Month Trial includes […]


Locations ENRGi is expanding in 2016. Interested in growing with us or suggesting a location? We’d love to hear from you! Please email our corporate team – Current Location:  215 W. Ohio, River North – Chicago Running can be a bit intimidating: the imagination imagines long-legged, lean, fit athletes crossing the finish line of a marathon with their […]


About ENRGi and Our Facilities How is ENRGi different from other gyms and fitness studios? ENRGi offers fitness & recovery based programming for all levels of fitness. The ENRGi experience encompasses balance and our motto is workout. recover. repeat. Our fitness variety includes over 100 classes/week including circuit, strength, boxing, barre, rowing, yoga, recovery, small group […]

Check out enrgis brand new zen studio

Aquafitness or, as it is also called, aquaerobics is a new fashionable trend in sports. And indeed, this type of fitness is constantly gaining popularity. Today, the water aerobics section exists in almost every swimming pool. Why should you pay attention to this sports direction? 1. One of the main advantages of this type of […]


ENRGi was founded in April 2009 originally under the name TEAMiFIT. Our programs began as outdoor boot camps at numerous parks around Chicago. Our founder, Amy Lee, launched TEAMiFIT with the intention of it being a spring/summer seasonal business to supplement with being a full-time elementary school teacher. After running our first online deal, we went from 20 to 500 […]


Class Schedule Our fitness variety includes over 100 classes/week including circuit, strength, boxing, barre, rowing, yoga, recovery, small group and more.  Our mission is to be Group Fitness Defined.   Additional videos save us when we learn to ride a bicycle as a child. But if you’re learning to ride in middle age, or if you’re getting back in the […]


Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA What to Expect During Amy’s Classes: While I promise to give my all in each class, I am always striving to be better. My classes will deliver high energy, individualized instruction, modifications for all levels of fitness, badass tunes, and deep stretching or foam rolling at the end of class. Favorite Quote: […]


RECOVERi Club Extra sore? Want to push harder and go faster? Our RECOVERi Club, featuring NormaTec Recovery Technology, is just like your very own personal & on-call massage therapist! NormaTec technology will help you recover faster between workouts by reducing muscle soreness and improving circulation. We strongly believe that recovery is equally as important as […]

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