Noom Weight Loss Reviews: #1 Dieting Program?

Dieting and the question of how to lose weight fast and effectively have always been number 1 issues for both men and women trying to get slimmer. Most specialists suggest trying exercising or simply removing fatty, fried or sugary dishes from your ration. However, in most cases, diets and physical activities may not help without proper regulation, control, and understanding of nutrition basics. That’s where Noom Weight Loss comes to rescue.

But what is Noom Weight Loss: a pseudoscientific solution or a real thing? Let’s find out further!

Noom Weight Loss: What Is It?

Noom Weight Loss (or simply Noom) is an application for mobile devices that has been created to explain the basics of slimming down in detail. In other words, it’s a combination of various control tools, scientifically proved facts, and pieces of advice from health coaches. Basically, the Noom app provides you with articles regarding different topics, ranging from severe diet disadvantages to healthful meal recipes. Also, it offers the next:Noom Weight Loss app

  • new challenges on a weekly basis (they involve both physical activity and nutrition);
  • controlling tools to track your progress (body changes, calorie consumption, and so on);
  • the team of coaches that aim to help you to keep your eyes on the prize;
  • tools for measuring/managing blood glucose and tension.

Possible Results

Using Noom Weight Loss app, you’re guaranteed to lose up to 3 lbs a week. Minus 1-3 pounds on a weekly basis is considered to be safe and natural weight loos for your organism. It would not cause stress, hypochondria, uncontrollable food cravings, and so on. Thus, in a month, you may lose up to  12 pounds, improve your overall health condition, get rid of insomnia, digestion issues, a lack of energy, and other problems.

How To Use Noom Weight Loss?

The application usage is quite simple:

  1. Install the Noom app from the Play Market, App Store, or by following links on the company’s official website.
  2. Fill in your biometric and personal data (name, gender, age, weight, height, occupation, and so on).
  3. Based on the details you have filled in, Noom Weight Loss assesses how many calories you need on a daily basis to lose weight effectively.
  4. The app suggests physical regimes and nutritional plans that might suit you.

The diet and exercise regime may change depending on your progress. Also, if you have some health issues, you can indicate them in the application, and the team of coaches will customize a program for you.


Noom Weight Loss program costs about $50 on a weekly basis. Altogether, it’s $199.96 per month. Also, there is subscription discount: if you subscribe for Noom team on the producer’s website, you’ll get 14 days of free app trial. So, do not miss your chance and follow the link now!

Is Noom Weight Loss Actually Effective?

Yes, if you thoroughly follow all the steps and recommendations of the Noom Weight Loss program, you’ll lose from 1 lb to 3 pounds on a weekly basis. Most customers claim to lose about 2 pounds regularly. For that reason, we can call these plan and application effective.

Precautionary Measures

There no precautions specified regarding the Noom application or program in general. However, we assume that people with chronic conditions, joint issues, or other serious damages aren’t recommended to follow the plan. Also, customers under 18 years old should refrain from losing weight using Noom tools.

Is Noom Weight Loss Safe?

Noom Weight Loss has been created based on scientifically proved facts and studies. It includes all the necessary information for safe weight-loss and proper physical regime. Noom Weight Loss Best Dieting Program?Truth be told, Food and Drug Administration hasn’t certified the product. Still, the producing company is officially registered and certified. We assure you that all the customers, regardless of their age or gender, can use the plan on a daily basis and feel secure about their health.

For How Long Should I Use The App To See The Results?

The results are different for each person. Your progress depends exclusively on your physical condition. Older users or people with a sedentary job will lose weight more slowly than others. Also, the duration of the program usage corresponds with your final aim. You may stick to the Noom recommendation till the moment you are satisfied with your weight.

How To Unsubscribe From The Program?

Once registered in Noom Weight Loss, you are attached to a certain goal specialist. He or she is going to support you throughout the day and answer all your possible questions. When you have achieved you aim and feel like unsubscribing from the program, you can tell this to your coach, and he/she will cancel your billing.

Note: If there is a remainder on your account, you may still use the app till it ends.

Noom Weight Loss Users’ Comments

I’ve tried numerous diets, exercise plans and nutrition programs, but they don’t seem to help much. Instead of actual results, I felt exhausted, sleepy, emotionally drained. All those ineffective methods caused indigestion and difficulty sleeping in me. I’ve never thought I would rely on nutrition programs again. But then, I found a few articles about Noom Weight Loss, and my friend tested it on herself. When I saw her slowly but steadily thinning away, I decided to try the plan myself. Using the Noom app, I’ve lost almost 25 pounds in the first month. I was more than surprised. Thanks to the manufacturer a lot!

Duke Fox, 45, Houston, Texas.

Noom Weight Loss is an effective program, as for me. I’ve lost almost 50 pounds in 3 months, got rid of indigestion, and got to know lots of useful information. 5 out of 5.

Margaux Stephenson, 34, Tampa, Florida.

I like everything about Noom Weight Loss. The support team works instantly and provides full details to my questions. All coaches are out-and-out professional. I’m already unsubscribed to the program, but I still use their pieces of advice. I’ve been using Noom Weight Loss for about 6 or even 7 months, and lost about 70 pounds in that period.

Oluwatobiloba Molina, 40, Newark, New Jersey.

With Noom Weight Loss, I’ve lost 30 pounds in a month. But I haven’t done any exercises due to my work. So, I think the results would be even better if I’d followed all the recommendations. As for other effects, my skin condition got better, hair stopped falling out, and I got rid of insomnia. Great program!

Rami Buckner, 31, Lincoln, Nebraska.

I like it! No complaints at all. Effective program, 5 out of 5.

Kingsley Peck, 50, Long Beach, California.

Noom Weight Loss helped me to lose 20 lbs in a month, and my husband has lost about 33 pounds in the same period. We both are still using the app and are satisfied with our progress. The only thing I’d improve about the program is the diversity of meal plans. Sometimes, I felt like I was eating the same food day by day. Of course, it’s not like that and perhaps, I was just missing my favourite dishes, who knows. As for the rest, Noom plan is prefect!

Ruby-May Holden, 52, San Bernardino, California.

Noom Weight Loss is amazing! Using the program, I’ve lost almost 28 pounds in the first month and about 50 pounds in 3 months. I’m fully satisfied with such results. Thanks to Noom team a lot!

Kyan Robinson, 37, Omaha, Nebraska.

I started using Noom Weight Loss about 9 months ago. I was 250 lbs, and now I’m 150 lbs. That’s about minus 2.5-3 pounds a month if you will. I think it’s a great result. I followed all the Noom recommendations, consulted with my coach whenever I had a question. Thanks to the app and subscription, I’ve finally achieved my “dream weight”.

Naomi Metcalfe, 35, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Final Verdict

Noom Weight Loss is not another pseudoscientific solution. It’s a perfect combination of various control tools, scientifically proved facts, and pieces of advice from health coaches. It has helped lots of users to get rid of extra pounds, alleviate insomnia, reduce stress, and improve their overall health condition. Personally, we recommend the Noom program to everyone considering safe and natural weight loss.


  • Noom Weight Loss does not cause stress, hypochondria, uncontrollable food cravings, and other symptoms associated with the process of thinning away.
  • The program provides meal plans, weekly challenges, physical activity regimes, and access to articles and studies regrading various health topics.
  • With the Noom plan, you are going to lose 1-3 pounds on a weekly basis.
  • Every client has his/her personal goal specialist (coach).
  • The producing company is officially registered and certified.
  • Noom Weight Loss helps to solve digestion issues and difficulty sleeping.
  • It’s safe and effective.
  • There is a 2-week free trial for new users.


  • Noom Weight Loss does not suit people under 18 years old.
  • The FDA does not encourage using such nutrition programs as Noom.
  • The subscription is quite pricey.
Noom Weight Loss Reviews: #1 Dieting Program?

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