Reasons for fitness failures

Has there never been a desire to really find out why your attempts to mold yourself into a muscular handsome man have so far failed?

Does it happen that we fail in the business we are engaged in? Very often, and fitness is no exception. Of course, there are excuses.

“My genetic data is not important –” you repeat in defense. – I have never touched sports pharmacology in my life, work takes up too much time, there is no suitable gym nearby” – thousands of fitness practitioners find solace in these or approximately these excuses.Reasons for fitness failures

And has there never been a desire to really find out why your attempts to mold yourself into a muscular handsome man have so far failed? There are not so many real reasons for your failures – about a dozen. Let’s take them apart.

Insufficient intensity of training

This is very important: whether you leave the hall, having sweated properly, or even a slight perspiration has not had time to appear on your forehead. Are you sure that you trained with optimal weights and did exactly as many sets and repetitions as needed? Often, students curtail their work in the gym due to the fact that the weights of the shells begin to seem too heavy to them. Or because of the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles, an unpleasant burning sensation appears in them, which is also perceived by many as a signal to hang up. At the same time, ask any of the students, and they will answer without batting an eye that they are training with the last of their strength. You should understand that, being in the gym, you should destroy your body, exposing it to serious loads, so that later, at home, it recovers, acquiring new muscles. The human body is designed in such a way that it adapts quite quickly to any loads. That is why it is so important to constantly “surprise” him. Try to increase the working weights. Or work with the same weights, but faster. Or constantly change the order of the movements performed. This is the key to success, the key to progress.

Lack of variability

This is exactly what we were just talking about. Often we do the same set of exercises for long months and even years. And it would be fine if there was a result. But it’s not there! But we still continue to do the same bench press with the persistence of a maniac. Refuse? Impossible! It is unthinkable, the breast will not grow! – But it’s not growing anyway! – Yes? Weird. Surely in your gym you have met guys who are quite muscular and strong, who just train in this way, doing the same thing hundreds of times in a row. You can guess with your eyes closed what one of these guys is doing or will be doing at any moment of time. Yes, the guys look great, but is it worth imitating them? Have you not paid attention to the fact that they have not become even bigger and stronger for a very long time? That’s the whole point. Constant changes are what your body needs. We conducted a training session with approaches of six repetitions – next time do fifteen. At the last training session, the backs did a barbell pull in a tilt and pull-ups – next time, replace the barbell with a dumbbell, and the crossbar with a block machine. Try to work on the training complex of a neighbor in the gym – it also helps quite well.

Improper nutrition

Many people like to train in the gym, but not everyone likes to try to organize their meals correctly. It is clear why: this case is not too simple, it requires a special attitude and iron discipline. Judge for yourself: you need to provide your body with all the necessary material for muscle growth, and this is about two grams of protein per kilogram of weight and 30-40 calories per kilogram. Moreover, it is necessary to eat these grams and calories not at a convenient time for you – in the evening, lying in front of the TV, as many people do, but throughout the day – with an interval of two to three hours. And in order for this to happen, you need to often look at the clock, take care in advance that all the necessary food is prepared in a timely manner and laid out in containers, with which you will have to walk. Not a very attractive picture, right? Moreover, the calories that you should absorb during the day should be recruited from high-quality dietary products. A large chocolate bar contains about 500-600 calories, but this does not mean that by throwing five or six bars into yourself, you will become muscular. Rather the opposite – thick, but with small muscles. And all because there are no substances in chocolate that nourish and build muscles, but there is an excess of what makes the stomach grow. Mistakes in nutrition can negate the results of even the most wonderful workouts. If you work for relief and at the same time” throw in ” all the same chocolate, you are unlikely to lose weight. And you are unlikely to become massive if you keep yourself on a starvation ration. Diet is the head of everything!

Incorrect selection of exercises

Even if you are engaged with a truly cosmic intensity, all your efforts can go to waste if the selection of exercises turns out to be incorrect. And we are not talking about any secret technologies. Everyone has long known that it is best to build a mass of basic exercises: bench press, squats with a barbell, pull the barbell to the belt, pull-ups on the crossbar, bench presses or dumbbells sitting and so on. By the way, there are not so many of these exercises, but the return from them is significant, and all because the basic movements involve several muscle groups at once, which allows you to lift decent weights, increasing the stress effect on the whole body as a whole and these muscles in particular. And what do we see when we cross the threshold of almost any fitness club? Visitors, as if by agreement, grab the handles of simulators and block machines, as if basic movements do not exist for them at all. It is understandable: it is much easier to perform isolating exercises such as leg extensions on a simulator or hand movements on a rope machine in front of the chest than to crouch under a heavy barbell. However, the recipe for muscle growth is such that you need to do exactly the base!

Lack of sleep

A person grows up in a dream. If you don’t believe it, take a closer look at young children: when a little man doubles his weight in the first months of life, he sleeps twenty hours a day! The average adult usually has six to eight hours of sleep at night, but serious fitness classes are a special case. As a result of training with weights, not only the muscles are loaded, but also the nervous and lymphatic systems. In order for them to successfully recover from loads, additional sleep is needed. Ideally, this is at least eight hours of sleep at night, plus an hour of daytime sleep. Of course, you can argue that you have catastrophically not enough time to sleep even at night, but in this case, I advise you to remember how much time you spend in front of the TV or at parties, and try to understand for yourself what is actually more important for you. If you want to look good and feel energetic and cheerful, sleep longer.


More is not always better. This rule applies to fitness. If you work hard for hours in the gym – do not wait for good: instead of increasing in size, your muscles will one day begin to shrink. There are genetically gifted people among us who can train intensively and for a long time. In no case should you look up to them: “What is allowed to Jupiter is not allowed to the bull.” And if you work out in the gym for more than two days in a row, then, most likely, you are overtraining. The same can be said if you do more than three or five exercises with four or five sets each in a single training session. And if your classes in the gym are delayed for longer than an hour and a half, this can also threaten serious trouble. I have already said that you do not grow up in training, but at home, so excessive zeal in the gym is not necessary at all. And you should not reach for the pros, who, it’s no secret, often use prohibited pharmacology. It is clear that when you make a tough training schedule, you are guided by the enthusiasm that has seized you, but try to look at the problem from the point of view of common sense. Conduct an experiment: give yourself a break for a couple of days from training, and then come back to the gym. I am sure that you will look and feel much better.

Nicotine and alcohol abuse

I can’t force you not to drink or not to smoke, you have to decide for yourself whether you need it or not. I just want to note that bad habits really prevent you from achieving sports results. Well, tell me, how can a person train normally if his head is bursting with a hangover and he can barely move his legs? Both alcohol and nicotine prevent you from fully recovering after training. Nicotine creates a problem with the work of the respiratory tract, thereby making the body less resilient, which reduces the performance of training. Alcohol, taken in large quantities, generally gradually destroys the liver-an organ that plays an important role in the synthesis of muscle tissue. Many smokers and smokers justify their addiction by saying that it lowers their appetite. However, I did not notice that these comrades were sitting rigidly on a diet consisting of chicken breasts, rice and vegetables. In short, if you are serious about improving your appearance and well-being, I advise you to break up bad habits.

Excessive sociability in training

In any fitness club there are visitors who can be safely called the favorites of the club. A smile does not leave their faces, they can chat for a long time on various topics with everyone, and so on. What can I say? If your goal is to become one of these favorites, you can behave the same way. But if you intend to train seriously, it is better not to do this. Of course, I do not urge you not to say hello to anyone. But affability and excessive sociability are not the same thing. You should teach others that you are a serious person who should not be distracted. After the end of the lesson, communicate as much as you like, but during training – no-no. You may ask: what is criminal here? Well, I exchanged a couple of phrases in the break between approaches and what? You see, resting too long between sets, you cool down. The cooled muscles will not be able to develop the maximum effort, in addition, they are more prone to injuries. And an excessively prolonged workout is generally something not too productive, not a job, but just a pastime. Of course, you can visit a fitness club for this purpose. But in this case, it is better to forget about achieving more or less decent results.

Chronic injuries

Chronic injuries, that is, those injuries that cannot be completely cured, will undoubtedly hinder your progress. To train with full efficiency, you must have perfectly healthy knees, elbows, lower back and shoulder joints. Many people who are engaged in them do not have them, and they are to blame for that themselves: instead of contacting a specialist in a timely manner, they prefer to rely on “maybe” or pretend that nothing serious has happened. Some even try to train through pain or on painkillers. Clearly, it is very difficult to engage in fruitful work in such conditions, hence the often deplorable results. It’s like driving a car: you feel that something is wrong with the car, but you continue to move. As a result, the car breaks down completely. Understand that almost any damage can be cured if you do it on time and under the guidance of an experienced doctor.

Disbelief in your own strength

If you do not believe that you can achieve a result, then it is unlikely that anything will help you. Without faith in your own strength, any training will go down the drain. And drive away those who too zealously begin to criticize you. You should feel that you are capable of more, only this will encourage you to move forward.

If you work hard on yourself day after day, week after week, month after month, the result will definitely come. And the only one who can prevent you from doing this is yourself. Don’t forget about it.

Reasons for fitness failures

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