Sex or fitness-what to do?

Sex and fitness are concepts that are somewhat close and in some way closely related.

Meticulous scientists have been trying for decades to find out how physical activity affects a modern person living in an atmosphere of constant accidents at work, a “dirty” environment and poor nutrition.

Experimentally, they found that sex is even more useful than the gym.

In a sexually aroused person, the pulse rate increases from 70 to 150 beats per minute, as in an athlete who exerts maximum effort in a short-distance race. This happens under the influence of the hormone oxytocin, which controls the muscles and functioning of the uterus during pregnancy. It turned out that during orgasm, the level of this hormone increases by 5 times. In addition, during orgasm, under the influence of oxytocin, the number of heart contractions increases by 2 times and blood pressure increases. Therefore, according to scientists, good sex strengthens the heart and prevents cardiovascular diseases no worse than classes on supermodel simulators. Two other hormones-dehydroepiandrosterone and testosterone – also reduce the risk of heart disease.

People who make love at least 2 times a week have stronger health than those who neglect or for some reason cannot afford such a “luxury”. Regular sex, according to doctors, protects a woman from breast cancer, and a man from prostate cancer, affects the state of mind (the release of hormones during sexual intercourse promotes relaxation), has a beneficial effect on the immune system, protects against colds and flu, improves the sense of smell and even develops intellectual abilities in women! Even from the very thought of sex, the body begins to produce the same magic oxytocin, from which women acquire the ability to think more clearly and deeply. However, men get tired of sex. However, this pleasant fatigue does not last long, and soon a powerful counter reaction begins in the body, making a person more active and enterprising.Sex or fitness-what to do?

Sexual intercourse is a kind of training in a fitness club. During it, a huge number of muscles work: not only the legs, buttocks, but also the abdomen, chest, arms and back. And when we are overwhelmed by emotions and absorbed by pleasant sensations, express training in bed turns out to be out of competition! “That’s it! I stop spending money on classes at an expensive fitness club and buy beautiful sports clothes!”, – you may think. However, make no mistake-sex and fitness are interrelated, and not mutually exclusive.

Sex is inherently energetic. But in order for it to completely replace the physical activity we need, we would have to make love for several hours a day, and without slowing down and varying poses. Sex would become a tedious routine and duty, and not a surge of passions and emotions.

During sex, not so many calories are burned – the most passionate and hot lovers burn about 250 kcal per hour, or 4 calories per minute. The average person makes love for about 5 minutes and, thus, he burns less than 25 kcal. We spend the same amount of energy climbing two stairwells. By the way, the prelude to sex requires much more energy.

How can sports improve the quality of sex?

Recent studies have shown that physical exercise prepares a woman for sexual arousal and increases desire. But according to statistics, about a third of the fair sex suffer from a reduced attraction. Almost 90% of the participants of the experiment noted that after playing sports, their desire noticeably increases. It is best to have sex 20 minutes after training, when the muscles are still actively supplied with oxygen.

But if everything is clear with the direct dependence of sex on sports, then what about the reverse? How do love joys affect our sports achievements? In this matter, men and women are fundamentally different. For example, it is known that male athletes significantly improve their results with the help of prolonged abstinence. Muhammad Ali did not have sex for 6 weeks before the next match. Many football players prefer a quiet sleep to sex on the night before the game. Sex on the eve of competitions affects endurance, strength, the ability of the body to deliver oxygen to the muscles.

The deterioration of sports performance during competitions after a night of love is easily explained by physiology. When ejaculating, a man loses a lot of nutrients (vitamins and trace elements), which are replenished with food only after a certain amount of time. In addition, during sexual intercourse, there is a sharp release of testosterone into the blood of a man, and after its completion (sexual intercourse), the concentration of this hormone also drops sharply. And testosterone is responsible for the physical endurance of men.

There is also an opinion that training with heavy weights lowers male potency. To some extent, this statement is true: excessive physical activity leads to fatigue and a complete lack of any desires in a man (excessive training lowers the level of testosterone, because it causes stress in the body, as a result of which the hormone cortisol, a testosterone antagonist, is released). Studies have shown that a man who intensively exercises every day, and spends a lot of energy on physical exercises (like, for example, professional athletes), loses interest in sex faster than his less athletic counterparts. However, a man who leads a completely sedentary and sedentary lifestyle is also not capable of any impressive feats. The ideal option turned out to be sports at least three times a week. In addition to the fact that training increases the overall energy level of the body, which in itself has a positive effect on sex, it has been noticed that physical exercise leads to an increase in the level of the hormone testosterone after 2-3 sessions, which leads to increased potency faster than new-fangled medications. And moreover, the harder the exercises, the stronger the activity of the hormonal secretion organs. However, we should not forget that after a grueling workout, the body’s resources are greatly depleted, and the athlete’s potency temporarily decreases. A high-protein diet helps to restore strength and testosterone reserves. The result is a strong sexual desire and an active sexual life. So everything is good in moderation.

For women, everything is exactly the opposite. During orgasm, they get rid of accumulated stress, psychological tension and gain strength for new sports victories. Fitness helps a woman to overcome obstacles and complexes that prevent her from completely relaxing and enjoying sex. For example, many women are shy of their partner, feel insecure with him. Here various dance classes come to the rescue, which help to develop plasticity, femininity, grace. You just need to choose which type of dance you prefer-an energetic Latin or a mysterious belly dance. The flexibility of the body will help to develop yoga and Pilates. If your legs and back get tired quickly during sex , it’s time to sign up for a gym, where your muscles will strengthen and gain relief. And then you will be able to enjoy sex not only in the “missionary” position.

Maintaining a good physical shape, regular exercise and proper nutrition can become a strong sexual tool also because they develop your body, making it more attractive. Fitness will help you extend your full-fledged sex life for many years.

Sex or fitness-what to do?

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