This web page includes the terms and conditions for the blog website. By using this site, you accept to comply with the rules, all applicable statutes and regulations and accept that you are accountable for complying with any local laws.

These rules are posted from time to time. The site may make modifications to the rules at any time and unilaterally. It is the responsibility of the user of this site to make sure you are up to date with the changes in a timely manner. We encourage you to check this site for changes at least monthly. You can also sign up to receive our company newsletter. Our subscribers will be informed of any updates to the terms and conditions of use of the company’s official site. By using the site you consent to be bound by the current version of these terms.

Use of this website

You are allowed to use this website for your own and company use and download and print out any material from this site, providing that you do not change the content without the permission of the authorised copyright holder. You are also free to add pages to this site as bookmarks, share links referring others to the content of this site. In other cases, contents from this site may not be duplicated or republished online or offline without the rights owner’s permission.

The blog is not a medical institution and does not provide medical services to the Client (health assessment, monitoring and control of health, etc.).

By providing its services, developing any individual programs for the Client, the creator of the blog accepts the fact that the Client has no contraindications to exercise. Otherwise, the presence of contraindications is evident and obvious if the Participant provides an extract from the medical records of the medical institution that provides the Participant with permanent medical care. The statement must contain the attending physician’s recommendations on the possible and permissible physical loads for the Participant during physical exercises.

Women participating in a pregnancy group should begin exercise only after approval by a physician indicating that they feel comfortable enough to participate in a pregnancy group.

The client is personally responsible for their own health and medical care.

The client who is admitted to the blog fills out a member questionnaire. By signing the questionnaire, the Client confirms that he/she has read the rules of the site and is willing to abide by them.

The rules are binding on all Members, visitors and employees of the blog. Blog, represented by the administrative staff of customer service, has the right to refuse service (in the registration and renewal of subscriptions and one-time visits) to any of the visitors, without explanation.

Online training

Online workouts are based on a temporary membership or membership for any period.

Membership entitles the Customer to use the basic online training services at any time during open hours without restriction or to the extent stipulated in the membership agreement. By purchasing a training course for a certain service, the Client has the right to use only that service.

The main service is the provision of training at home using online devices.

The types of membership cards, the conditions of their validity can be found at the administration or on the blog’s website (https://enrgifitness.com/).

Blog rights

Modify the types of online training, the year and time of their validity, the billing of cards with additional services. Change and update the rules of the center.

The administration has the right to replace the course, change the current order of classes by adding new training activities or exclude low attendance classes, notifying the new allocation in a friendly and electronic form on the blog site. Claims from attendees regarding changes in the line-up will not be accepted.

Deny further membership to a Customer who has violated the rules of the center, as well as if the Customer has violated the obligation to pay for membership.

The administration has the right to establish and cancel various discounts, marketing promotions, incentives, discount programs without prior notice. Discounts, promotions, etc. are introduced and approved by special provisions or regulations, which take effect upon their publication on the information board of the blog, the publication on the official site unless otherwise specified in the text.

Personal Training

Personal training the trainer-coach has the right to conduct at his own place and at will with the prior consent of the client.

Payment for personal training is made in accordance with the Pricelist.

At a single payment with a negative fee is allowed to use personal training – “mini-training group”, when the trainer is working simultaneously with a group of 2 to 5 people with similar physical characteristics and training goals. Such training is paid for at a special price (according to the price list).

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