What’s Your Motivation?

If you are succeeding in your fitness goals, you must have a drive that gets you through the door to the ENRGi fitness center, even on those days when you just feel like hitting the couch. You have that voice in your head that tells you to push through those last few seconds of the set, even when every muscle in your body is screaming at you to stop. What is that voice saying to you? Everyone has a different motivation to push through the hardest parts of their workout. If you have been struggling lately in your workouts, maybe it’s time for a new motivation! Here are some motivational thoughts our members and instructors use to help them keep going:

Remembering how good you’ll feel after the workout is over
Picturing someone who bullied you in middle school and knowing how much stronger than them you are now
Thinking about that extra piece of chocolate cake you’ll get to have
Pretending that everyone in the room is watching you, so you have to finish strong
Just telling yourself “I love this! This feels great!” (even if you don’t and it doesn’t)
Giving yourself a very specific long-term goal. Do you want to be able to do 10 pull-ups by the end of the year? To lose eight pounds in the next eight weeks? To run the marathon next fall? The more specific the better!

Are you still struggling with motivation? Have you hit a fitness or weight loss plateau? Sign up for a Fitness RX with one of our amazing personal trainers! We offer three different options to help get you on the right track and keep you accountable!

Fitness RX $85

45-60 Minute Fitness RX Session w/ Trainer
Customized 4 week plan based on your fitness goals (trainer will register you for all classes for 4 weeks, all you need to do is show up)!
Measurements and weight taken (optional)
Email support w/ trainer: schedule emailed to you, follow up after two weeks and follow up at the end of the 4 weeks
10 minute weight and measurement meeting at the end of 4 weeks

Fitness RX PLUS $99

Everything from the Fitness RX
One 60 minute personal training session

Fitness RX Ultimate Challenge $125

Everything from the Fitness RX
Two 60 minute personal training sessions

We hope we can keep you motivated and keep you moving towards all your fitness goals! Let us know if there’s anything else we can do to help!


Cycling Trips

Today, mountain biking is very common. Since it is considered the most extreme, and therefore interesting. But:

if you are planning a family trip, then you need to calculate the strength of each member, especially children. Therefore, choose the safest and most comfortable route that everyone will definitely master.

If you go on a route where there will be no opportunity to hide from unexpected weather conditions (rain or strong wind), prepare in advance for this: take warm clothes, a raincoat, maybe even warm headphones in your backpack (there can be a strong wind even in very warm weather).

Mountain biking

And now let’s move on to more exotic outdoor activities!
A selection of “exotic” active recreation activities for adults

Conventionally, the forms of active recreation can be divided into water and land.

We will start our selection with the water element.


We are sure that each of you knows or at least heard about this type of activity. The word in English means “dive”, which, in fact, is what divers do.

Every year this sport is gaining more and more popularity. This is mainly due to the fact that traveling around the world has become much easier. In addition, the equipment of divers is constantly being improved and becomes more comfortable and safe.

The special attraction of this type of underwater tourism is given by the opportunity to plunge into a completely different world, alien and unknown to us before. Many tourists after their first dive are so impressed that they strongly associate their life with diving.
What you should pay attention to when choosing this type of activity:

1. Although diving is called underwater excursions, but there is a huge difference between walking on land attractions and diving under water and, first of all, it is associated with the diver’s equipment.

Therefore, if you want to make your first dive, it is better to do it with a professional instructor. Look for trusted organizations that provide this service, see reviews.

You should also take into account the fact that to dive to a depth of 18 meters, you must complete an initial training course, and to go down to 40 meters-a course of deep diving. Remember, the most important thing is safety.

2. Before you plan your underwater adventure, be sure to study in detail what knowledge you may need (for example, it is very useful to learn sign language to understand the instructor’s commands).

What are the benefits of diving?

During swimming, the muscles that hold the spine relax, and it stretches, so water activities are very useful for people who have impaired posture, curvature of the spine.

In order to take a breath underwater, it takes a lot of effort, in addition, sometimes the diver has to hold his breath for a long time. Thus, regular diving exercises develop the respiratory muscles and increase and increase the vital capacity of the lungs.


This type of outdoor activity is one of the most extreme and it is not only in danger of drowning in large waves, but also because of the frequent cases of shark attacks on humans.

However, this sport will definitely appeal to those who want an unforgettable experience. Yes, yes, it is a sport, and even what! If you want to get your figure in order during your vacation, then surfing is what you need.

Surfing is a great cardio workout. When riding on a board, many muscle groups are involved: the muscles of the upper extremities, the muscles of the press and back muscles during rowing, the muscles of the lower extremities are actively trained to control the board and maintain balance.

“Surfing is also very popular among celebrities. So the 44th US President Barack Obama, David Beckham and even our domestic actor Danila Kozlovsky catch waves on the sea coasts.”

But surfing attracts attention not only due to the extreme, but also due to the huge variety.
You can choose from the following services::

Classic board surfing and body surfing. These types are considered less extreme and are mostly common among novice surfers. For body surfing (which is the first stage of training) you don’t even need a board, as your support is your own body.

Windsurfing or sailing. The board is supplemented with a sail and you do not need waves to glide on the sea surface.

“You can surf even in areas far from the seas and oceans.”

Contrary to popular belief, surfing can be done even in areas remote from the seas and oceans. Such surfing is called Wakesurfing: the boat creates a wave, and the surfer slides on it on the board. So, if you do not have the opportunity to go to the sea or to the ocean, do not worry, you also have the opportunity to try yourself in this type of outdoor activity.

Sapsurfing, where the athlete uses a paddle for movement. By the way, the sapboard is a great platform for yoga. If you get bored of swimming in the waves, you can always sit in the lotus position and meditate to the sound of the water.


Have you always dreamed of learning to fly and feeling like a superhero? Then flyboarding is just for you!

This still relatively young (first invented in 2006) type of water activity has already managed to fall in love with tourists.

But how do flyboarders manage to rise above the sea surface? It’s all about a special turbo board: a person puts on water-jet boots and rises up due to the huge downward pressure of the water.

Surprisingly, even for this, at first glance, absolutely entertaining type of activity, competitions are held. Athletes show a wide variety of tricks and figures. So flyboarding is definitely not boring!


Although this type of outdoor activity seems to be entertaining and amateur, but in fact it belongs to the extreme (of course, if you do not just hover over the water, but perform various tricks). Therefore, before you start flyboarding, you need to take care of protective equipment (you can rent them). And in general, as entertainment, it is available to everyone, regardless of age and level of physical fitness.

By the way, you can try a flyboard in many resort areas, although this pleasure is not cheap.

And now let’s move on to the land forms of active recreation.

For lovers of thrills and those who want to be on the other side of the earth, such an active recreation as speleotourism will be especially interesting.
Snezhana Korneva

“Speleotours are a unique opportunity to visit publicly accessible or still poorly explored caves and get an unforgettable experience.”

Speleotourism is considered one of the most useful types of recreation for our nervous system.

The caves are very quiet, tourists say that for a long time you do not hear any sounds, complete silence. In such conditions, our receptors and nerve fibers do not conduct impulses and, accordingly, “rest”. Therefore, after speleotours, people come out rested and full of strength and energy.


Some people think that speleotourism is something like a guided tour – turn your head to the right, to the left. But this is not quite true, it is even more correct to say that this is not so at all.

Speleotourists are primarily explorers. By the way, during their hikes, travelers often make amazing discoveries (unusual underground waterfalls, giant glaciers). Therefore, do not wait for a calm and peaceful holiday, but you will definitely remember this adventure for the rest of your life!
What should you pay attention to when choosing this type of outdoor activity?

Speleotours involve passing through narrow openings and long gorges. Therefore, if you are afraid of a narrow or confined space, you need to think about it in advance, since during the route you will most likely not have the opportunity to get off it or go back.

Another important aspect to pay attention to before going to the caves is the lack of natural light. If you are afraid of the dark and realize that you will be uncomfortable or you may have a panic attack, think about it in advance.

Any type of outdoor activity has limitations and contraindications, and speleotourism is no exception!


In the caves, the humidity is very high, in some places it can reach 100%.

High humidity is not recommended for children and the elderly, as in the first it leads to an increased risk of colds, and in the second-to the development of rheumatism. Do not go to speleotour if you are ill or have recently recovered, as the humid cold air of the caves can lead to hypothermia and repeated illness.

With this tourism, you should be careful and, if you have any chronic disease that can worsen, because there is no connection underground and it will not be easy to call for help.

If you still decide to choose this type of outdoor activity, you should understand that speleotourism requires endurance and physical fitness.

Of course, you can choose the complexity of your route, but even the easiest routes involve passing through a variety of obstacles – narrow cracks, rubble, wells, underground rivers and lakes.

To make your weekend as comfortable as possible and without injuries, it is better to practice a little and prepare for the upcoming hike.

What’s Your Motivation?

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