workout. recover. repeat.

For best results, we recommend you workout. recover. repeat. 3-5x per week!

All levels welcome! Some of the below exercise classes are 30 minutes and do not include a cool-down. Please see “recovery” below for all of our recovery options. 

  • ignite*: Are you ready to light your inner fire and ignite your metabolism? Ignite will use a combination of body weight exercises, ropes, cardio machines, slam balls, and more to give you a 100% cardio leveled up workout. Workout Breakdown: 100% cardio. *New format!

  • boxing burn: The goal of this cardio and skill based class is to burn calories, learn boxing, and have fun sweating it out!! Utilizing heavy bags, double end bags, uppercut bags, and partner focus mitts, as well as body weight conditioning movements, you will challenge your endurance and hand-eye coordination with boxing combinations, footwork drills, and high intensity conditioning exercises. Boxing gloves are provided, but we encourage you to bring your own. Workout Breakdown: 100% Cardio.


All levels welcome! Some of the below formats are 30 minutes and do not include a cool down. Please see “recovery” below for all of our recovery options. 

  • bags n bells:This class is an intense but low impact barbell, kettlebell and Bulgarian bag focused workout. Build strength while learning new skills and having fun! Workout Breakdown: 100% Strength.

  • core: An intense core workout in just 30-minutes. A strong body must have a strong core, lets build that foundation! Your core is a complex series of muscles, extending far beyond your abs. It is incorporated in almost every movement of the human body. Workout Breakdown: 100% Strength. 

  • gravity fit: Defy gravity using hammocks, the wall, and bars suspended from the ceiling while you work through specialized push and pull strength-based movements. This class is unlike any other fitness class you’ve taken and will challenge your mind and body in unique ways! All levels welcome. Workout Breakdown: 100% strength.

  • shredded: The goal of this low impact strength training class is to build lean muscle mass using both traditional may include dumbbells, bodyweight, resistance bands, and more. Each class is a full body workout: lower body, upper body and core. Shredded has been an ENRGi signature exercise class since 2009 — a must try! Workout Breakdown: 90% strength 10% cardio.

  • suspension: Developed by Navy SEALs, suspension training is strength-based, leveraging gravity and your body weight to increase strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. Workout Breakdown: 100% strength.

  • target 6: A power-packed, low impact strength workout to target six key areas of the body: arms, back, chest, shoulders, glutes and legs. You’ll be performing exercises that utilize strength, balance, and functionality to build a stronger and more defined body!  Workout Breakdown: 100% strength.

Metabolic Conditioning (hybrid)

All levels welcome! Some of the below formats are 30 minutes and do not include a cool down. Please see “recovery” below for all of our recovery options. 

  • s.w.a.t.: A circuit training workout that will take your cardio & strength to the next level! SWEAT IT OUT on air bikes, rowers, HIITmills, and SkiErg’s; then BUILD MUSCLE using monkey bars, suspension trainers, dumbbells, and more! sweat. work. accelerate. transform. Workout Breakdown: 50% cardio / 50% strength. 

  • warrior: The goal of this fast paced cardio & strength based class is to bring out your inner warrior! We’ll continually challenge your body with new skills that’ll test the limits of your strength & endurance. You’ll get to experiment with awesome movements such as plyos, calisthenics, power lifts, and SO MUCH MORE! Workout Breakdown: 50% cardio / 50% strength. 


All levels welcome! Please see “recovery” below for all of our recovery options. 

  • yoga flow: A vinyasa-style class, focused on aligning breath with movement to strengthen your body, mind, and focus. Expect to find: power flows, balance, core strengthening, breathing techniques, and more. This class is the perfect complement to your high intensity workouts – strengthening and stretching at the same time!
  • (*) yoga recover: a relaxing sequence of breath-infused stretch flows meant to release tension, “untangle” knots and restore energy. This is the perfect recovery day workout plan that will leave you refreshed and rejuvenated!


No dance experience necessary!

  • werq®: A fiercely fun dance fitness class based on your favorite dance, pop, and hip-hop music. You will be shakin’, movin’, drop’n it like it’s hot, and having a blast following the dance instructor through the choreographed songs that will burn tons of calories — all while tightening and toning your whole body. Each werq® class concludes with balance and a yoga-style cool down to bring your body and mind back down to a state of rest. Workout Breakdown: 100% Cardio

  • zumba fit®: A Latin-inspired, calorie-burning, interval workout dance party. This class moves between high and low intensity dance moves designed to get your heart rate up and boost cardio endurance. Here we combine dance and fitness to create a fun and dynamic class. Workout Breakdown: 100% Cardio



Our recovery area is available during class times. Reservations are encouraged. We recommend using it post workout as long as you’re wearing socks. If you’re extra sore, you can ditch the workout and just use our recovery area.

  • compression therapy – Compression therapy uses compressed air to massage your feet, legs, and hips. Regular use will speed up recovery time between workouts, improve circulation in the extremities and reduce muscle soreness


Since we believe the recovery is equally important as the workout, the end of each 45 & 60 minute classes are dedicated to foam rolling, deep stretching, and/or mobility exercises.

  • yoga – See our recovery-based yoga classes with an (*) listed above under “Yoga”.