How to Pick Your Classes

One of our most common questions we receive here at ENRGi is “What classes should I take?” With over 140 different class offerings each week and a schedule that’s constantly being updated and upgraded, we know that deciding on a workout schedule can be more confusing than picking out IKEA furniture! Here are some tips that we hope will help with our classes! If you’re at IKEA, just go with the KNUTSTORP.

Balance your strength and cardio each week
Research shows that the most effective workout plans incorporate both strength training and cardio. Make sure that your week includes a healthy balance of both for the best results! Many of our classes give you both the strength and cardio in a single class period (Shredded, Ultimate Conditioning and Abs fusion, just to name a few)

Mix it up!

Have you hit a weight loss or fitness plateau? Do you always hit the same two or three classes every week? It may be time to mix it up and try something totally new for a week! Don’t worry, you can always go back to your standing date with Zumba or Turbokick next week, but you may find that your body responds in awesome ways to throwing it a new challenge. Muscle confusion is a key element to improving your fitness so give your muscles a confusing week of new classes!

Schedule healing time

Though we LOVE your dedication to daily fitness, doing a hard workout seven days a week can actually be counter-productive. The down time between workouts is essential for your muscles to rebuild and for your body to adapt to the exercise so that you can return to your workouts stronger. Check out our healing and meditation class options to help you focus, relax and renew sore muscles effectively!


How we spend our free time, what we do on weekends, and how we plan our vacation directly affects our career and success in life. If you want to succeed, then you need to choose a way to spend your leisure time more carefully.

It is proved that during sports recreation, the body recovers much faster in comparison with the passive one. Agree that a morning bike ride through the streets of your city or a walk with friends in the park is much more exciting than a day spent watching TV.

“During physical work, the hormones of joy are released in our body, which has a beneficial effect on the work of all body systems.”

Therefore, if you feel that you are tired from work, and after the weekend you do not feel rested and full of energy, think about it, maybe you should just change the type of rest to an active one.

And we will help you!

The benefits of outdoor activities

In the modern world, full of haste and constant movement, people often prefer passive entertainment, citing the fact that they are too tired and completely not in the mood for sports recreation.

Another reason why people choose passive recreation is the already well-established opinion that active entertainment is not for people of average income. Undoubtedly, there are really very expensive types of sports entertainment (most often it is associated with expensive equipment and equipment), but at the same time there are types of activities that you are definitely able to afford.

Of course, the choice of active versus passive recreation increases the possibility of injury, but only if the route and equipment are chosen incorrectly.

What are the advantages of outdoor activities?

1. Release of accumulated negative energy.
Snezhana Korneva

“During the year, we encounter annoying factors (family quarrels, conflicts at work, etc.) and accumulate them in ourselves. Therefore, it is very important to give a splash of emotions, which is what active sports help.”

2. Physical activity = beautiful figure.

This point is probably closer to the female half of our humanity. After all, we girls often watch our figure. But men, including successful businessmen and actors, also care about physical development. It’s no secret that any activity has a fat-burning effect. Therefore, try to plan for the next vacation one of the types of active recreation (see below) and you will see the result for yourself.


3. Both professionals and amateurs.
Snezhana Korneva

“When it comes to outdoor activities, I am always in favor of both hands. Active tourism is the perfect combination of pleasant and useful.”

And most importantly, this type of tourism is now available to everyone: both young and adult amateurs,and even the elderly. We think that in our selection, everyone will find something for themselves.


Well, let’s go?
And open our selection of sports entertainment EVERY DAYS-ACTIVITIES
There are more exotic types of activities (you can find them later in the article), which most often require additional (rather complex) equipment: for example, surfboards and a wetsuit or snowboard, glasses and thermal clothing.

But there are some types of entertainment that you can do every day (which, by the way, can be a great alternative to training in the gym)

Walking tours

Did you also immediately think about 10,000 steps? If you adhere to this daily norm, then we congratulate you: you have already made a contribution to the health of your heart and lungs, and many other structures of the body, of course! And if not, then you have every chance to try this technique on yourself!

We think that each of you knows why it is useful to walk, so we decided not to tell you the dry and boring facts that have long been known to everyone.

Instead, we want to share with you a few life hacks on how to make the well — known phrase “Movement is life” your motto.

Walking tours
What can you do while hiking?

1. Listen to an audiobook. Many justify their passive lifestyle with a lack of time for self-education. Why not combine business with pleasure!
Snezhana Korneva

“The human brain works much better on the move, so while listening to books on a walk, you will remember more information than lying on the couch.”

2. Conduct negotiations and meetings while walking. Take the advice of Steve Jobs, who solved all business issues literally “on the go” and move the scheduled meeting to a nearby park.

3. Walk your dog. It is proved that the dog is an excellent incentive for morning and evening walks. So if you don’t have a dog yet, then get one. And if you already have it: then why are you sitting there?
Skateboarding and scooting


For these types of activities, you will need special equipment, a skate and a scooter, respectively. But if you do not want to buy them, then you can easily use the rental services in almost any park.

By the way, you can ride scooters and skateboards with the whole family, which will be a great tradition.

Now electric scooters have become very popular, but, to be honest, such entertainment can not be called truly sports. Therefore, we advise you to give preference to the mechanical one.

If you want to introduce a scooter or skateboard into your daily routine, but don’t know how to find the time, try riding it to work. This will be a great exercise!


It is impossible to talk about Russian entertainment and not mention fishing. This truly male entertainment today attracts an increasing number of representatives of the fair sex.

And if you can’t always find extreme sports in this type of entertainment (unless, of course, you hunt sharks), then the excitement will definitely be present.


Fishing, despite its measured course, is very useful for health:

1. Good physical activity. When fishing, you constantly have to walk, squat, bend and, if you’re lucky, pull. That is, almost all muscle groups are involved!

2. Healthy lungs. Fishing always takes place on the shore of the reservoir, where the air is moist and clean.

3. Meditation. Fishing is considered one of the great ways of anti-stress therapy, the sounds of nature and the sound of water have a positive effect on our nervous system.

So rather take fishing rods, and go fishing!

Fishing in the mountains
Trampoline jumping

Today, anyone can do such jumps. In addition, not only children, but also adults can frolic on the trampoline.

Trampolines are probably the easiest and safest way to get in the air and feel like flying.

Girl on a trampoline

And here you are given a huge choice: you can buy your own trampoline, go to an amusement park or to a special trampoline center.

If for you active recreation is primarily associated with sports, then here you will find a pleasant surprise. You can try yourself and your kids in acrobatic jumps, synchronized jumps, and even perform a few tricks on trampolines in the AKD.

Trampoline jumping

By the way, trampolining is an excellent cardio workout. And while jumping, many muscle groups are actively working, so you can safely choose trampolines instead of one of your workouts in the gym.

The most important thing is that trampolines are fun and interesting. You won’t even notice how time flies by!
Roller skates and skates

Roller skates and skates are very similar to each other. The only thing that distinguishes them is the time of year. Although now these sports are so deeply embedded in our lives that in the winter we can go to the shopping complex to rollerblade, and in the summer-to the ice arena to feel the slide on the ice.

Roller skating

In particular, these types of activities will be useful for your baby, as roller skating and skating develop coordination of movements and the ability to keep balance.

In addition, roller skating and ice skating is a great workout. It is not for nothing that figure skating and speed skating are included in the program of the Winter Olympic Games.
Ice skating

Of course, it always hurts to fall, but if you learn the technique of movement, then riding will become much more interesting and safer!

Another type of outdoor activity in our selection is cycling. Probably, walking with bicycles can be called the most common type of family vacation. This type of vacation is the perfect way to spend time together.

It is very convenient that you can go on a bike tour even with very young children (I believe that it is better to take a child after 3 years, but some ride with one-year-olds).


“Without special devices, only children over 7 years old can be transported on a bicycle.”

Now there are a huge number of different devices to take a child with you on a bicycle: these are trailers that are attached to the parent’s seat in the back, and special seats on the frame, and even a child’s body, in which you can transport several babies at once.

What is particularly attractive about cycling is that there is a huge variety of routes in front of you:

Sightseeing bike ride involves sightseeing of the city.

“By the way, in many hotels abroad, you can rent a bicycle for free and go around the whole city on it.”

An exciting trip through the countryside (including a forest, lake) is most suitable for a family holiday, as it implies minimal or no car traffic.

Cycling, as noted by those who are engaged in it, is characterized by a complete immersion not only in the final point of the route, but also in the road itself to it.

In addition, now on the market of equipment for outdoor activities, you can find any model of bike that will meet your needs: these are mountain bikes, off-road, and walking.

How to Pick Your Classes

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