ENRGi was founded in April 2009 under the name TEAMiFIT. Our programs began as outdoor bootcamps at numerous parks around Chicago. Our founder, Amy Leelaunched TEAMiFIT with the intention of it being a spring / summer seasonal business to supplement with being a full-time elementary school teacher. After running our first online deal, we went from 20 to 500 clients overnight and Amy was forced to quit her teaching job. See our story unfold below.

April 2009

Our first outdoor bootcamps in Lakeshore East, Chicago.

September 2009

Painting the walls ENRGi green hours before our Grand Opening Party!

September 2009

Grand Opening Party for our indoor location in River North, Chicago.

September 2009

Our first mascot: GIZMO!

August 2010

Our first professional photo shoot.

December 2012

We changed our name to ENRGi. Our logo is a hexagram, which represents balance.

January 2014

We grew out of our space! This is the final class at our original location.

January 2014

Installing 40ft long monkey bars at our new location!

February 2014

WE MOVED! First class in our bigger & better facility in River North, Chicago.


One of our signature formats: WARRIOR!


Inversion Therapy class to decompress the spine, as seen in our "recover circuit" classes.


WE ARE EXPANDING!! Westminster CO, opening 2018