Stay Healthy this Holiday!

We know this year you’ve been working hard in your ENRGi fitness classes, you’ve probably been good about watching those calories you eat and drink and you’ve been living a healthy lifestyle, but now it’s time to go to a week’s worth of holiday parties and completely undo everything! What???? NOOOOO!!! We know it sounds crazy, but unfortunately, most Americans fall into this pattern and gain a pound or two during the holidays that they never end up losing. If this happens every year, then after ten or fifteen years, those one or two pounds really add up!

It doesn’t have to be this way! Go into each party and event this holiday season with a game plan!

Eat before you go to a party. We know it’s tempting to say “I’m going to binge on that buffet tonight, so I won’t eat anything all day” but this is just a self-fulfilling prophecy! Eat normally and healthily throughout the day and do not arrive to the party starving and ready to shovel food in your mouth. Once you get there, have a drink and wait at least 30 minutes before you touch any food. That way you can scope out what you really want and what will be worth your calories.
Plan activities that don’t revolve around food. Here are some awesome games you can play at your holiday party (most of these actually sound hilarious and awesome, especially after a glass or two of wine) but anything that will get you and your guests away from the food for a while will work!
Freeze and separate holiday leftovers. If your mom insists that she send you home with a plate of Christmas cookies, a bucket of leftover dip and three tupperware containers of other goodies, you may be tempted to go home and keep binging until it’s all gone. As soon as you get in your kitchen, separate everything into small, single serving containers or freezer bags, then put it all in the freezer. Then, you’ll have to defrost just a small portion at a time so you won’t eat more than you would normally. Plus, it will last longer! You can still enjoy mom’s cooking well into the spring!
Keep your eyes on the prize. Buy yourself an amazing New Years outfit and then make sure you can fit into it. Sign up for a 5k in January that you know you’ll have to train for through the holidays. Remember that you earn that summertime body by working hard in the winter!
Don’t let a vacation keep you from your workouts! Check out our Workouts On-the-Go and keep gettin’ yo fit on!

Have a safe, happy and healthy New Years and we can’t wait to work out with you in 2013!


Golf is probably one of the most famous and at the same time the most expensive types of entertainment.

As a real lady should be able to take care of herself, any self-respecting gentleman should be able to play golf. Golf has always been considered an occupation of the aristocrats, which is probably why it is so expensive.

Although many golf courses are unattainably expensive, there are many that provide services at affordable prices.

You can rent all the equipment.

But if you want to try real golf and try your luck, fighting with Hollywood stars Matthew McConaughey, Mark Wahlberg (who, by the way, love to play golf), then you definitely need to go to the best golf centers in the world, many of which are located in the United States: Myrtle Beach in Southern California, Phoenix in Arizona, Palm Springs in California.

Golf is a sedentary and strategic sport, and therefore is considered one of the safest. You can only get injured if you stumble on the bumpy surface of the lawn.

Speaking about active types of tourism, it is impossible not to say about skydiving. Parachuting is gaining popularity every year, especially among young people.

But if earlier parachuting was the prerogative of strong and brave men, today the beautiful half of humanity dreams of soaring in the sky.

Of course, unlike golf, parachuting is classified as particularly dangerous and extreme, especially if you are jumping for the first time, and even without training.

Why should I try skydiving?

1. The world, as in the palm of your hand. That’s what those who dare to jump say. When you hover over forests, seas and rivers, when you see small houses and toy cars passing by, you understand what is really valuable in our world.

2. Overcoming yourself What do you think is the first thing people say as soon as they land on the ground?

Did I really do that? Yes, yes, you have never felt so much pride in yourself, believe me! If you have low self-esteem, try to do this, you will feel all-powerful and absolutely confident in your abilities.

3. Indescribable emotions We think, to say that during a flight with a parachute, an incredible amount of adrenaline is released is not even necessary, only if you try it yourself, you will understand what we are talking about!
And of course, as without it! What is the danger of skydiving?

1. Well, first of all, of course, complete dependence on the equipment. Your life will literally depend on whether the parachute opens in time and on its integrity.

2. Very often, tourists who choose this sport, land unsuccessfully and they have a fracture or sprain, so we advise you to take a few lessons with an instructor before the jump, so that only pleasant memories remain from your unforgettable adventure.

All the above-mentioned activities were associated with summer, spring, maybe autumn, but we completely forgot to tell you about the wonderful winter, festive and so fun.
A selection of “Snow” types of outdoor activities

Why a selection? Yes, because there are a huge number of them. Many tourists, by the way, in the summer months of sultry heat specially go to the mountains to enjoy the cool and freshness.

And in Aspen and Courchevel, for example, there is no word season at all, because the flow of tourists who are hungry for extreme sports and unforgettable experiences does not stop here all year round.
Alpine skiing

We will start with the most popular winter sport.

Despite the fact that every year the number of supporters of this type of activity is growing very quickly, but skiing is on the 3rd place in popularity after walking tourism (hiking, cycling) and beach tourism, and there are reasons for this:

This type of outdoor activity is not a cheap pleasure. And if you can easily rent a set of skis, then you will need to buy a suit, glasses and other items of equipment yourself.

In addition, most often people go to ski resorts with an overnight stay, which is also associated with considerable expenses.

Downhill skiing is considered quite extreme and especially dangerous sport.

Well, now about the good, which is really a lot in this type of active recreation.

Downhill skiing is a real sport and a very good workout for all muscle groups. In addition, downhill skiing forces you to keep your balance, which contributes to better coordination of movements.

Of course, we can not say about the atmosphere itself!

Alpine skiing

Just imagine: the mountains, the forest, the singing of birds and the beautiful clear sky above, without clouds of smoke from the chimneys of factories and boiler houses. You can only dream about it. And in the evenings-peace and quiet, which will help clear your head of all everyday problems.

What else needs to be noted is that you will choose the track depending on your strength and desires. There are different areas of descent: these are calm, more gentle slopes for beginners, and steep, “exotic” tracks for more experienced ones, and of course a zone with jumps for real connoisseurs of extreme sports.

We are sure that you will definitely find something for yourself!
Tubing and sledding

Many adults consider this entertainment to be childish, but once they go down the mountain on a cheesecake, the skiing is forgotten and only the carefree “children’s” laughter is heard.

But, in truth, this entertainment is really very popular with kids.

Snezhana Korneva

“If you want to go on an exciting family trip, pay attention to the ski resorts. Believe me, every member of your family will find entertainment to their liking.”

Tubing and sledges are convenient to rent, which is not so expensive.

By the way, although the entertainment is not as sporty as downhill skiing, it is definitely safer, so if you are afraid to get on skis, you can remember your childhood and spend an equally exciting weekend.
Quad biking and snowmobiling

I think that this type of recreation does not require advertising and description. What could be better than to go on a trip through the mountains on a personal snow bike.

Quad biking

This is an amazing opportunity to see the beauty of wild natural places. And fans of extreme sports can ride quad bikes at high speed and even arrange a friendly competition.

“True, this type of recreation can not be fully called active, because there is no physical activity, but this does not prevent thousands of tourists from enjoying this type of activity.”
Dog sledding

Entertainment will be enjoyed by the whole family. And this type of recreation is considered absolutely safe in terms of the possibility of injury.

Dog sledding

Sled Dogs are an essential attribute of all northern peoples, so you have the opportunity to touch a little bit of their ethnic group, even if it is in a ski resort, and an experienced kayur will drive the cart.

With dogs, you can go sledding, tuba riding, or even downhill skiing. Fun is guaranteed.

Well, our selection of winter entertainment is completed by snowboarding. This extreme mountain fun consists of a fast descent on a special board on the ski track. At the same time, the snowboarder performs unreal tricks and jumps on trampolines.

There are different types of snowboarding: freestyle (involves performing various tricks and jumps), freeride (free skating on untested tracks) and slalom (passing the track along a given route).


In this sport, you are able to find what will be most interesting to you, or you can combine all these areas.
Active holidays with the whole family

Before the appearance of children in the family, recreation was associated only with active sports. What about now? Is the only possible option for a vacation with the little ones a beach holiday?

To date, these questions are increasingly appearing in public posts, groups in Vkontakte, on forums. Especially for couples, true lovers of outdoor activities, we have prepared a selection of active entertainment for the whole family.

Active holidays with the whole family.

Active recreation in the life of the family is very important, as it allows you to strengthen the connection between family members and establish communication. In addition, all types of outdoor activities are very useful for children.
What is the benefit?

1. Sports and physical activity strengthen the immune system.

2. Children who lead an active lifestyle get sick much less often than those who prefer to sit with a book or watch a movie.

3. Eyes full of happiness

I think it’s no secret that positive emotions (and your child will definitely have them) are the best medicine for possible pain.

4. Self-confidence.

Remember how you felt when you overcame your fears and conquered new heights. You must admit that you were very proud of yourself. And in children, this mechanism also works. So your child’s self-esteem largely depends on the type of recreation you choose (passive or active)

5. Active recreation is a great alternative to a smartphone.

I think you will agree that modern children spend a lot of time behind the screen of the phone or computer, especially on weekends and holidays.

“Outdoor recreation can also make your child forget about their gadgets during the trip, for which the eyes will definitely say thank you.”

Our selection of active types of tourism for the whole family opens rafting. From English, rafting is translated as rafting. Therefore, it is not difficult to guess what you can expect from this sport.

“If you still do not know how interesting and exciting to spend a weekend with your children, be sure that rafting on mountain rivers is what you need.”

At the word rafting, many people immediately have images of stormy mountain rivers, fast currents, large stones that can not be avoided.

Sounds extreme and dangerous, doesn’t it? But it is worth noting that today this type of active recreation is so popular with the residents of our country that you can find a route according to any of your criteria: from safety to picturesque places.


Stay Healthy this Holiday!

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