Torroband Reviews: Train With Resistance Bands!

Generally, it is believed that strength training and tension-oriented exercises can only be performed in fitness rooms with special equipment. A lot of people, in fact, do just that: they buy a subscription to the gym, visit it with a certain regularity, and train under the supervision of coaches. Sounds good, right? Now let’s take a realistic look at the situation. A subscription (monthly, three-month, it doesn’t matter) costs a certain amount of money, plus round-trip time, plus you hardly want to train in public in old sweatpants, so you have to buy more suitable clothes. In addition, no one canceled the public attention. And so, the idea of regular training in a paid gym does not sound so attractive.

So, how to build muscles and keep fit without gyms and their equipment? The answer is simple: you can use special extra-strong bands for strength training and tension-oriented exercises called Torroband. Keep reading to know more about this fitness equipment and its usage!

The Overview of Torroband

Torroband is basically a fitness kit that consists of four tension strings/bands of various loads. Thus, you can exercise with 70, 40, 60, and 80-pound bands, combine them together to regulate load resistance, and build muscles from the comfort of your home. The equipment doesn’t take too much place, so you can take it with you wherever you go.Torroband Reviews

The strings are manufactured with handles and grips, so you may hook them to any furniture/surface you want. They are very strong, and no matter how much force you apply, they won’t break. Overall, with Torroband, you get the opportunity to train with 250 pounds, pumping different muscle groups. Next, we will explain in more detail how you can use resistance bands.

How Do Fitness Bands Work? How To Use Them?

As we have mentioned earlier, the bands are manufactured with handles and grips so you can hook them to any furniture/surface you want. What is more, you can change the amount of bands in a grip to increase/decrease the total weight resistance. Thus, the equipment provides 250 pounds of tension and is able to hold a maximum of 350 pounds of your actual weight. Using Torroband, you are in a position to create your own workout and train different groups of muscles.

What Torrobands Are Designed Of?

The Torroband equipment is designed of three layers of meshwork cloth. They are connected with swiveling hooks, and those, in their turn, – with grips and handles. Such a system is very strong and meant for extreme exercises. The strings will not break or snap under any circumstances.

How To Order The Equipment?

Torroband is sold exclusively through the official manufacturer’s website. Following the link, just click on the Add to cart button. Then, fill in the required details and confirm your action. That’s it!

As for packaging options, there are 2 variants to choose from. You may purchase just one band of any weight resistance for $30 or the whole kit for $119. The mentioned prices include discounts, so don’t miss your chance to order Torroband while promotions are active.Torroband buy

Shipping within the USA will cost you about 10 dollars. In case you order several kits at once, the delivery is free of charge. The option of international shipping is also available and charged separately. Usually, customers have to wait for 3 up to 14 business days, depending on the place of their residence. If you don’t like the equipment (the packaging seal is broken, the amount of bands is less than it is stated, etc.), you can claim a 100% refund. It’s good for 60 days upon the delivery date.

Precautionary Measures for Torroband

Learn the usage instructions carefully, especially if you are utilizing resistance bands for the first time. Do not overexert yourself. Use the lowest load strings at first to understand which loads are right for you. If there is an opportunity to consult a fitness trainer, do not miss it.

What Do Users Think About The Product?

Going to gyms is definitely not for me. It always seems to me that everyone is looking at me condemningly and are ready at any moment to ridicule how I perform certain exercises. But with Torroband, I finally got the chance to do strength workouts at home. It is convenient to hook them to nailed furniture, a fence (brick, not wooden), and everything that stands firmly and will not bend. For a month now, I have been exercising only with these bands and have grown noticeably stronger.

Haleemah Ingram, 29.

To maintain mass, I needed to train somewhere, even during the lock-down. I don’t have enough space at home. Just running would increase my stamina, but nothing more. And I just wanted pumped-up muscles. My trainer advised me to buy an RTX system or bands of the TorroBand type. I chose the latter (obviously). I have been training with them for several weeks now. In fact, the loads are no different from training in the gym.

Mateo Glass, 35.

I have used resistance bands before, but they all turned out to be not strong and broke in just a month. By that time, naturally, there could be no talk of any return. I involuntarily began to think that a subscription to the gym would cost me less. But knowing myself, I realized that I would definitely skip workouts, or find good places in the fresh air and be distracted by them. My task was to find the most durable bands that would support my weight. And so I found Torroband. It’s great that I can use all bands at once in one bundle. I have been using the equipment for more than 3 months, there is not a hint of fragility or possible breaks. Finally, I found a quality product at an affordable price. Many thanks to the manufacturer!

Khalil Merritt, 30.

I love outdoor workouts, but unfortunately, it is not always possible to find places with horizontal bars or at least free benches so that you can diversify your workout. Frankly, I’m tired of just running and doing simple exercises without additional loads. I googled and found many articles about all sorts of fitness equipment, including Torroband. I was immediately struck by the fact that the product had the highest rating (4.9 out of 5) on various sites, and many consumers described their experience with the bands positively. Well, I thought why not and bought them. At first, it was difficult to understand how best to train with them, what to cling to. It was scary what if the hooks would not hold up. But fortunately, everything worked out. I found useful exercise guides specifically for Torroband, and now I only train with them. I seem to have become noticeably stockier.

Dhruv Neal, 37.

Torroband is a great kit for its price. The cloth is of high quality, stretches very well. The hooks are strong and don’t bend. I like t!

Dylon Ratliff, 40.

It seems, prior to buying Torroband, all my home workouts were as ineffective as possible. I squatted, did push-ups, rocked the abs, ran, jumped rope, but the muscles were still not prominent. Of course, I was in good physical shape with a toned body, but this was not enough for me. I wanted to see the lines of the triceps and biceps on the arms, at the very least. For this purpose, I bought Torroband. Literally, a month of training with resistance bands – and I achieved what I wanted. My muscles are more prominent now. I have become more resilient and am loading myself 250 pounds.

Tyler-James Houston, 33.

I have been using Torroband for over a year now. Very handy equipment. I always take bands with me on business trips and travel, they take up little space in a suitcase and do not weigh more than a kilogram. During all this time, there have never been breaks. I bought another 40 lb band separately to increase the load even more. It is very convenient that the site affords the opportunity to buy additional equipment parts. 5 out of 5!

Omari Hess, 43.

To Sum Up

Now, strength training and tension-oriented exercises can be performed even from the comfort of your home. No gym subscription, no commute time, no public attention – you can train effectively and comfortably wherever you want. Just use special extra-strong bands for resistance exercises called Torroband. It’s cheap, strong, comfortable to carry, and of high quality.

Still studying the pros and cons? Just check out list below!


  • Torroband equipment is travel-size. You can take it with you wherever you go.
  • The kit is comfortable to use at any place.
  • There are four strings of various loads ranging from 40 lbs to 80 lbs. You can combine band loads to regulate resistance for your needs.
  • The equipment provides 250 pounds of resistance and is able to hold a maximum of 350 pounds of your actual weight.
  • In the event that you don’t like the equipment, you can claim a 100-percent refund. It’s good for 60 days upon the delivery date.
  • There are 2 packaging variants to choose from.
  • The option of international shipping is available.


  • There are none!
Torroband Reviews: Train With Resistance Bands!

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